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Thank you for your interest in GBM Security Whitepaper 2016

In this whitepaper, we discuss the results of our 5th Annual Security Survey in the GCC and whether enough measures are being done or not. The survey polled over 700 executives and IT professionals in the GCC from different industries; IT, Healthcare, Education, Oil and Gas, Hospitality and many others.

Highlights of the findings in the report

The most common threats today are perceived from external sources i.e. zero day malware, advanced persistent threats, phishing, ransom-ware etc. Most organizations realize that security is a boardroom discussion; however, there is huge inconsistency on how they respond to the challenges posed by cyber security. Lack of coordination between organizations and undermining the risks involved with an ostrich mentality can prove to be disastrous. A key aspect, which we discuss in this report is can we predict and prevent attacks?

  • 49% do not believe that their organization is capable of predicting or preventing cyber-attacks.
  • 40% of organizations admitted that they do not have a dedicated function for governance, risk and compliance and 50% Do Not conduct a third party assessment to review existing systems.
  • Despite the high-risk exposure, 71% of organizations plan to invest similar or lesser in security in 2016.
  • Around 70% of organizations have maintained all security operations in-house and have low confidence on outsourcing their security operations.

What should we do?

The answer is not straightforward, but the important aspects are to take actions, which are within our span of control.

  1. Create awareness of the risks involved to management as well as users across organization
  2. Appoint an owner for Security and Governance in the organization.
  3. Build Security into the design of the infrastructure and applications from the initial stages and not as an afterthought.

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