Technology Services

GBM Technology Services encompasses a wide range of services, including consulting, infrastructure design and implementation as part of integration services, as well as complete managed outsourcing services, running a customer’s IT operations from monitoring to administration and management of all infrastructure and middleware applications.

Integration Services

Integration Services are geared towards delivering robust infrastructure solutions for customers, covering consulting, infrastructure design, and implementation services.

Managed Services

The Managed Services portfolio is diverse and caters to multiple customer requirements, from total outsourcing (including assets and human resources) to simpler facets of outsourcing such as on-site services, remote services and GBM Cloud Services.


Ranging from End-Point Security, Infrastructure Security, Applications, Data, People Security & IT Risk and Compliance, GBM offers an integrated solution approach and consulting services to protect IT environments from external and internal threats.

Advanced Services

GBM has dedicated resources for security services that cover people, processes & technology. Our careful planning, experience, selection of the right tools, in-depth knowledge of security and related domains, provide our customers with the assurance of meeting the desired project outcome. GBM consultants have the right access to the latest information in this highly dynamic environment.

Implementation Services

GBM Implementation Services are spread across low level planning, implementation and migration (if required) phases of the Project lifecycle.

Project Management Services

GBM's Project Management Office (PMO) has significantly contributed to GBM's Intelligent Network Solution's achievement of constant outstanding customer feedback.

Software Service

GBM works closely with many of the company’s specialized divisions, providing advisory and solutions services including technology consulting and system integration, as well as cross sector and market-specific solutions for a variety of industries and market sectors.

Application Support and Maintenance

Our application support and maintenance service provides our customers with the best solutions that ensure availability for system use, reduce maintenance services, and improves scalability and productivity over time.

Consulting Services

Focus on our customer’s business initiatives and IT investments. With our domain and technology expertise, as well as our unmatched business knowledge, we have provided our services to leading organizations across the GCC.

Installation and Implementation Services

GBM has been providing application development services across the entire Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) chain across the GCC for more than a decade. Our GBS solutions help our customers adopt IT systems that reduce costs, minimize risks, and ensures quick applications. GBS works closely to our multiple device vendors and enterprise system providers, collaborating with them to provide the best possible solutions for our clients.

Cyber Security

GBM focuses on People, Processes and Technology to ensure a holistic approach towards mitigating risk and GBM Security Framework effectively safeguards brand name, reputation and assets. Ranging from End-Point Security to Applications, from Database to People & Compliance, GBM offers solutions to protect IT environments from external and internal threats.

Compliance Consulting Services

GBM offers organizations end to end consulting to help them achieve compliance services. This covers Gap Analysis, Risk Assessment, Information Security Plan, Review and Development of Processes and Policies, Awareness Trainings and Campaigns, Internal Assessment as well as assistance in Certification Audit.

Security Consulting Services

Security continues to be one of the key challenges for CIO’s in the GCC. According to a recent IDC survey, 43 percent of CIOs highlighted security as one of their biggest challenges. GBM offers Security Consulting to clients in various areas to ensure organizations can mitigate risk and manage thier operations effectively.

Security Assessment

Organizations today face major challenges in ensuring their systems are not vulnerable and they adhere to Security Best Practices. With changes being dynamic, it is increasingly important for organizations to identify and fix the vulnerabilities on their Applications and Infrastructure. A study recently conducted revealed that 78% of the attacks are low or very low in difficulty which refers that these attacks could have been easily averted. GBM offers security assessment services to help clients to be able to perform risk mitigation actions which are in thier span of control when related to external breaches.