Infrastructure Solutions

The Systems and Technology Group (STG) at GBM is the largest System Integrator in the region, bringing synergy and seamless integration of front and back end solutions to ensure complete, efficient installation and operations for customers.

Intelligent Cluster

IBM Intelligent Cluster is a factory-integrated, fully tested solution that helps simplify and expedite deployment of HPC clusters for a broad range of application environments, including industrial design and manufacturing, financial services, life sciences, government and education.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

VDI Starter Kits enable customers to quickly deploy Virtual Desktops with ease. The solution is highly scalable to ensure that one can start small and grow as you need.


GBM’s Intelligent Network Solutions (INS) offers a holistic approach towards mitigating IT risk in an organization, something that has become of increasing importance for the protection of data and assets for individuals and enterprises. The Security Framework developed by the INS team effectively safeguards brand name, reputation and IT assets for organizations in the Gulf.


Today's technology users are mobile and visual. They can be internal workers, external partners as well as customers. Regardless of location, application, or information stream, our solutions deliver a consistent high-quality and secured network experience to connected users, with the maximum uptime and highest throughput. This increases end-user productivity, satisfaction ratings, business system interaction as well as returns. We also offer a wide range of green IT options for sustainable benefits.

Cyber Security

GBM understands the various challenges faced by CISO’s and has built a framework of defense, comprised of solutions and services, to help organizations achieve IT Security Industry best practice and enhance their risk mitigation frameworks. The Framework is developed to address the traditional and new challenges faced by organizations in partnership with best-of breed solutions from partners who have a strong commitment and road map towards Security. GBM offers solutions and services in the following areas to mitigate the increasing risk facing all companies today.

Software Solutions

GBM provides reliable connectivity and reliability across the network solution. Bringing together hardware and software seamlessly together, to ensure that each part of the network speaks coherently and ensure online services are therefore easier for users to operate.

Social Program Management

Cúram Social Program Management Platform is a business and technology solution that delivers prebuilt social program components, business processes, tool sets and interfaces on top of a dynamically configurable architecture. Cúram Social Program Management Platform helps social program organizations provide optimal outcomes for citizens, satisfy increasing demand, and lower costs for organizations.

Engineering and Intelligence

The 3D EXPERIENCE is a business experience platform. It provides software solutions for every organization in your company - from marketing to sales to engineering – that help your value creation process, which differentiates your consumer’s experiences.

Correspondence Management System

Correspondence management system (CMS) is a solution developed on top of IBM FileNet P8. CMS is an integrated system for creating and tracking correspondence built on top of the content management platform.

SAP Services

GBM’s SAP services portfolio is around the SAP application lifecycle which consists of building the the SAP solution, supporting the same and improving the built solution over a period of time.

Healthcare Performance Management

GBM’s Healthcare Performance Management Solutions (HPMS) is a pre-built Healthcare Analytical Solution for measuring and monitoring performance of hospital and medical centers that integrates with your existing clinical systems including viz., Cerner, Epic, MEDITECH, McKesson, Siemens, Keane, 3M and non-clinical systems such as SAP, Oracle E-Biz.

Information Management

Information is the lifeblood of organizations. The way information is managed can create strong differentiators for businesses through improved performance, better sourcing, new product development, creation of more employee time, improvement in ROI, decision support, separation of good costs from bad costs, and in several instances, by providing foresight instead of hindsight. Across the world, information management is becoming the key to transformation.

Performance Management

Organizations today need continuous intelligence to identify growth opportunities, streamline costs, enhance operational efficiencies and increase profitability. In the current business environment characterized by shrinking time to market, enhanced competition and a dynamic business and technology landscape, availability or non-availability of meaningful intelligence can decide the success or failure of an enterprise.

Performance Management for Automobile Distribution

Performance Management Solutions for Automobile Distribution Companies (AutoPerform) is a pre-built solution for measuring and monitoring performance through KPI, Strategy Maps, Scorecards and Dashboards, built on state of the art technology for analyzing Sales, After-Sales, Parts & Operations.

Retail Banking Data Warehousing

End to end pre-built off–the–shelf Business Analytics & Data Warehousing for Retail Banks, provides a flexible and scalable data warehouse design, business intelligence and performance management solutions enabling organizations to build a comprehensive data warehouse and business analytics solution through phased development. This allows for rapid delivery of high-business-value deliverable s by initially focusing on the business areas offering the greatest returns and feasibility, while building within a proven technical warehousing architecture, data integration.

Enterprise Marketing Management

GBM Services for Enterprise Marketing Management helps organizations identify and apply insights to improve customer engagement, purchases and loyalty. GBM helps you develop a comprehensive solution for executing and optimizing marketing programs across digital, social, and traditional channels.

Data Virtualization Solution

Agile Software platform used internally by IBM IT and IBM Cloud Services to radically accelerate time to deployment of IBM and/or 3rd Party applications.

Business and Advance Analytics

Information insights and foresight's have a tremendous implication in every aspect of business. Organizations that leverage analytics to differentiate themselves are at the forefront of standardization and are able to create a sustainable competitive advantage.

Governance, Risk and Compliance

IBM® OpenPages® Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) solutions provide deep insight into enterprise-wide risk and compliance activities, enabling companies to increase business performance and adapt to new regulatory challenges with a proactive, risk-based approach to regulatory change.