Customer Overview 

KAC is the national airline of Kuwait, an international airline present in the air travel business since 1954. KAC flies to 39 international destinations in 26 countries in the Gulf, the Indian sub-continent, Asia, Europe and the USA, through its 40 worldwide stations and 17 aircraft fleet. 

Kuwait Airways is a member of the Arab Air Carriers Organization. 

Business Need 

In 2013 KAC was looking for a flexible and scalable solution that would provide end to end Payroll and Time Management system for their 3,000 employee base. 

The company’s challenge was their traditional Payroll and Time Management system, while strong in its transactional capabilities to log and record and calculate employee information, it did not provide functionality for managing the hundreds of decisions and authorizations that are common place each month in any HR landscape. 


Complex IBM implementation in the Aviation industry for delivering unique Payroll and Time Management system which setup for future full Human Capital Management system value at KAC, by leveraging best of breed technologies and applications from IBM BPM, SAP Payroll & Time Management and Clocking system & Time attendance system and IBM middleware. 

GBM implemented a solution that combines SAP technology with IBM technology. IBM Middleware software connected the SAP HCM, IBM BPM, time and attendance systems plus updated the finance system and communicates with 18 other systems. 

The integrated HCM solution contains the following applications: 

  • SAP HCM for Time Management, Payroll, Organization Management and Personnel Administration 
  • IBM BPM automated orchestration of 22 dynamic multi path, rules based HR approval processes, out of which 2 are automatically initiated from SAP. 
  • IBM Cast Iron as the integration layer for processing batch data between the systems 
  • Clocking system for calculating all time and attendance information from the employee base and Info kiosks for employee self-service. 


  • Full process automation and traceability 
  • Collectively Capturing the know-how and manual operation. 
  • Process oriented solution with respect for internal rules and standards 
  • Facilitating the organizational changes that the company currently undergoes by easily dragging & dropping organizational units 
  • Managing any rule change or update in a non-code based way by the process owner himself – Process Live ManagerTM (Approval Matrix) 
  • Enhanced communication capabilities through the Notification Matrix for automated rule-based predefined notifications upon completion of every approval or flow level 
  • Real time process monitoring and reporting through all stages – Process Live ViewTM 
  • o Audit trail – process overview by stage 
  • o Assigned users – overview of process stakeholders and decision rights 
  • User friendly interfaces and improved user experience due to high customization 
  • Clock-in to Payroll automation 
  • Automatic generation of 80 HR specific file types every month 
  • 18 Integrations with internal or external systems 
  • 80,000 daily transactions 
  • 2 orchestrations daily → 10 orchestrations monthly 
  • Reduced time for Payroll run form 3 days to 3 minutes 
  • Card Readers integration to SAP 
  • Client centric management platform for customer independence when managing system component and process changes