The way we work has transformed, and so should your approach to security. Now is the time to elevate your security resilience as the bedrock of robust protection across every facet of your operations. Cisco Secure Firewall simplifies and unifies your network, workload, and application security seamlessly across hybrid cloud and multi-cloud environments.

Why Upgrade to Cisco Secure Firewall

Setting New Industry Standards
Cisco Secure Firewall’s latest release, powered by Snort 3, is a game-changer, setting new benchmarks in the industry. Experience superior visibility and performance, with the option to enhance threat detection and gain application visibility into TLS1.3, QUIC traffic without decryption, and the Encrypted Visibility Engine (EVE).

Reduced Operational Expenses
Upgrade to version 7.2 and witness features tailored to cut your team’s operational costs. Fleet upgrades, dynamic attributes, and the encrypted visibility engine streamline operations, minimizing expenditure while enhancing efficiency.

Extensive Fixes and Enhancements
Cisco’s latest maintenance release is packed with hundreds of fixes, complementing the architectural improvements in the 7.x releases. Enjoy a smoother, more reliable experience while staying at the forefront of the latest innovations in firewall technology.

Expanded Capabilities
This upgrade introduces enhanced branch WAN capabilities for intelligent path selection and direct internet access. It also simplifies security for remote workers, offering advanced posture assessment, password-less authentication, and a new unified client for a seamless user experience.

Experience the Future Today
Take the first step toward the future of security. Upgrade to Cisco Secure Firewall today and revolutionize your organization’s protection.

Upgrade to Cisco Secure Firewall today!