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The foundation of digital transformation is cloud computing. The security challenges here are multifold, varying from the need to comply with international and regional regulations, to region-specific challenges, from adapting to the shared responsibility model to maintaining the sovereignty of data on the cloud.

GBM Shield offers solutions and services for customers adopting cloud strategy as part of their digital transformation journey to secure their cloud environments and ensure robust security as well as regulatory compliance. It helps customers to simplify overall cloud security framework adoption whereby GBM helps them create a unified control framework based on industry standards such as CSACCM, NIST, ISACA, ISO & GDPR.

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Annual Security Report 2022

GBM ANNUAL SECURITY REPORT 2022 The pandemic has accelerated the shift to a “digital-first” world with the disruption over the past year, adding new consumer habits and creating new segments of “digital-first” consumers. However, the increased use of technology has created a rich playground for cybercrimes. Today, with sophisticated and powerful cyberattacks compromising businesses at [...]

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GBM Threat Hunting tool allows organizations to start their self-evaluation for their technical security controls to identify their effectiveness in the event of a cyber security incident.

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