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The decade of disruption has pushed Organizations to improve both business and digital resiliency. Constantly changing world & the growing customer demands for digital services has enforced the implementation of Digital Transformation Strategies to transition to the ‘Next Normal’.

In order to keep up, organizations are increasingly leveraging Cloud Services to capitalize on the digital opportunities, thereby translating innovation into action!

GBM’s first Cloud Report 2022 portrays a view of cloud services maturity and impact in our GCC region. This report captures and analyzes the cloud perspective of leading 100+ CIOs in the GCC region who were interviewed on their cloud strategy & investments. It offers proven essential guidance to developing a comprehensive hybrid cloud approach to become a digitally resilient enterprise.

Key Highlights:

  • The business impact of Cloud Services
  • Cloud Services Maturity in the Gulf
  • Top Cloud Strategies and Initiatives for 2022
  • Essential Guidance to start or optimize your Cloud Adoption

Let GBM help you in every step of your cloud journey.

GBM understands the relation between Business and Technology with the various challenges faced by the organizations in their path to digital adoption, namely Cloud as a concept. We have developed a comprehensive J2C (Journey To Cloud) framework to support you every step of the way, whether you are planning to embrace public, private, or hybrid cloud approaches, our comprehensive solutions portfolio covers it all.

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    GBM’s J2C framework:

    We have crystallized years of customer experience to create our J2C framework, which takes into account our customers’ individual business models and capabilities/services.

    Adopting the J2C framework allows organizations to holistically align their digital transformation strategies across all dimensions of the IT framework. GBM’s J2C framework takes advantage of key technology partners in the market. With IBM, specifically, we have the edge as we utilize IBM Cloud Paks to develop a robust and comprehensive hybrid cloud journey for our customers.

    Our expertise around Red Hat’s cloud software platform will ensure you have the flexibility to choose from a variety of vendors, thereby avoiding lock-in with a single cloud provider. GBM’s exclusive partnership with IBM enables us to leverage the powerful infrastructure of IBM Power Systems and IBM Storage to provide flexible and highly secure private cloud infrastructure. GBM’s exclusive partnership with IBM will help you to take advantage of open, flexible, and secure on premises infrastructure solutions like IBM Power Systems and IBM Storage, enabling you to unlock the best possible hybrid cloud strategy for your business.