Growing focus on Cybersecurity

The digital-first world we live in has changed the way people and organizations approach work. The new normal has brought a significant paradigm shift in the way we work. Organizations need to be agile and flexible to adapt to these changing times.

With the hybrid workforce concept, rapid cloud adoption, the explosion of apps, e-services, and many more, organizations have rushed to keep up with new technologies, with security often falling behind. To address these challenges, governments and regulators have set up formidable compliance requirements for securing the necessary information and communication infrastructure for organizations facing the evolving threat landscape. Hence, these entities need to demonstrate compliance which requires dedication, a strong understanding of various regional standards, and qualified skills.

GBM Shield - Next-Gen Cyber Defense Program

GBM Shield emerges as an evolved cyber defense program that is strategic, holistic, and vendor-agnostic. It consists of comprehensive cyber security offering focused to address evolving security challenges that organizations face due to the sophisticated threat landscape.

GBM Shield builds directly on GBM’s stellar reputation and local know-how that earned us trust among our clients and partners. At the core of the program is our uniquely skilled team of professionals empowered with expert judgment to find the best response for every situation that might arise.

Our consultative approach provides organizations with a unique Unified Control Framework (UCF) that takes the relevant controls from a wide range of international and regional security standards and legislation, helping businesses consolidate all policies under one umbrella and making it easier for them to maintain their security compliance.

Proven Trust

Talent & Skills

Holistic, Integrated &




Achieve Cyber Resilience

Our Cyber Defense Program offering is risk-driven rather than technology-driven, augmenting your existing technologies to enhance your security posture, elevate cyber resiliency and increase your return on security investment.

At the heart of GBM Shield, is our Managed, Detection and Response platform – Cor. which is powered by machine learning, automation & orchestration, enabling the seamless integration of any technology to provide defense-grade services to enterprises of all sizes.

The program also includes a state-of-the-art solutions ecosystem based on various practices including Compliance & Advisory services, Data Privacy & Protection, Unified Identity & Access Governance, Security Analytics & Threat Management, Modern Application Security, Hybrid Network Security, Cloud Security and OT/IOT Security.



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