Enterprises are navigating a transformative landscape shaped by shifts in business and technology. Data sources proliferate across geographical and organizational boundaries, escalating in volume, variety and velocity within on-premises and multi-cloud environments.

Security teams face the critical task of obtaining complete visibility into “who, what, when, where, and how” of data access, adapting to changes for robust data protection.

This complex landscape demands a proactive approach from security teams to anticipate and mitigate risks effectively. Comprehensive visibility into diverse data landscapes is key to implementing proactive measures and navigating the intricacies of modern data access.

Risk Reduction

Reduce risk with real-time visibility and actionable intelligence.

Regulatory Compliance

Address regulatory compliance with automated workflows.

Access Control

Enforce granular access control down to the data level.

Cost and Performance Optimization

Minimize the total cost of ownership and performance impact.

Securing Your Data in the Age of Digital Transformation with IBM Security Guardium

IBM Security® Guardium® Data Protection is a data security platform that empowers security teams to safeguard sensitive data through automated and continuous discovery and classification, in-depth vulnerability assessments and advanced threat detection. It extends comprehensive data protection across disparate data environments, including all of the following:

Security your Data

Discovery and Analysis: Discover shadow data, analyze data movement, and uncover vulnerabilities.

Monitoring and Reporting: Monitor data activity and accelerate auditing and reporting.

Compliance Automation: Automate compliance policy enforcement and centralize data activity.

Encryption: Encrypt sensitive data in all states and across environments.

Discovery and Classification: Integrate discovery and classification of structured and unstructured data.

Vulnerability Management: Identify vulnerabilities in your data environments.

Key Management: Centralize and simplify encryption key management.

GBM's Comprehensive Approach to Data Security with IBM Security Guardium

GBM brings forth unique proposition to help you design, deploy, operationalize, sustain and grow your data security program with IBM Security® Guardium® Data Protection platform as the program foundation. With a rich experience of deploying the Guardium platform across 75+ organizations across different industry verticals in GCC, GBM offers in-depth platform understanding and customization capabilities to tailor the solution deployment to meet your pressing data security use cases and challenges. GBM’s in house certified and experienced resources strive to ensure quality deployment for you to derive maximum value proposition from the Guardium deployment.

Comprehensive approach

Engage GBM Shield’s Data Security SMEs to build a comprehensive strategy and roadmap.

Implement data security tools with a use-case-based approach for maximum value proposition.

Sustain your data security investment for continuous improvement and valuable insights.

Access GBM Shield’s Data Security SMEs for guidance on Data Privacy and Protection. Collaborate to align with goals and enhance team skills.

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