Business transformation has inadvertently expanded the attack surface, creating a new reality. Despite diligent implementation of zero trust measures, cybercriminals have exploited these emerging threat vectors, resulting in a notable uptick in attacks.

Although cybersecurity tools have evolved with enhanced intelligence, the insights derived from their data often remain isolated and disconnected. Security teams struggle to cope with the escalating volume of attacks and the challenges posed by these fragmented workflows.

In the current landscape, addressing these issues proves to be a formidable task. The addition of new personnel is hindered by operational expenditure concerns and a global talent shortage, exacerbating the strain on security teams. However, a solution emerges in the form of extended detection and response (XDR), offering a comprehensive approach to tackle the intricate challenges faced by modern security teams.

Analyst-Centric Design

Refined through collaboration with real-world users, the suite features a common user interface to assist security analysts throughout their investigation and response workflow

AI-Powered Insights

Leveraging AI and automation, the suite accelerates alert investigation and triage by 55%, as demonstrated by IBM Managed Security Services results.

Flexibility and Integration

Designed around an open-source foundation, the suite integrates seamlessly with Threat Intelligence, Log Management, EDR, SIEM, NDR, and SOAR, providing flexibility across IBM and third-party toolsets.


Outsmart attacks

QRadar SIEM: Market-leading Security Information and Event Management solution providing real-time enterprise tracking and threat visibility.

QRadar SOAR: A centralized hub for Security Operations Centers, enabling quick and automated incident response to minimize business disruption.

QRadar EDR: Leverage intelligent automation and AI to detect and remediate both known and unknown threats in near real-time.

ASM (Attack Surface Management): Randori transforms security from reactive to proactive by identifying unknown exposed assets and testing defenses against potential cyber threats.

Why Choose GBM for IBM Threat Management Solutions?

With extensive experience deploying IBM Threat Management Solutions, GBM excels in architecting tailored solutions for diverse environments, spanning Traditional, Hybrid, Cloud Native, and Air Gapped infrastructures. GBM’s consultative approach involves seasoned experts assisting organizations in maximizing the utilization of the IBM Threat Management portfolio, particularly in enhancing SOC maturity.

GBM offers a range of services for IBM Threat Management XDR, including:

  • Implementation Services: End-to-end deployment of IBM Threat Management Solutions, merging existing Security Operations Centers with XDR solutions.
  • Enhancement Services: Maturing existing IBM Threat Management Solutions through solution tuning.
  • Consulting Services: Assessments and best practices to streamline SOC maturity leveraging IBM Threat Management Solutions.

Elevate Your Cybersecurity Defense with IBM Threat Management Solutions

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