Managed Security Services

Managed Security Service is the full-scope, comprehensive solution that is the core of GBM Shield. The goal is to take complete charge of all organizations’ security and manage it day-in and day-out, no matter what threat might arise. This approach is incredibly relevant and much-needed today due to the nature of cyber attacks and the need for extensive monitoring we addressed before.

Managed Security Services fully remove the burden of time, technological adjustments, and finding and allocating skilled human talent. They offer a holistic way of dealing with today’s sophisticated cyberattacks, agile enough to adapt as these continue evolving.

This approach implies a special relationship between the organization and the cyber security provider. While cyber security is outsourced to GBM Shield, it effectively becomes a part of the organization’s ongoing operations, a protective shield that continuously manages cyber threats. These attacks are stealthy and demand constant monitoring to be property identified and responded to, which is why Managed Security Services are much more effective than one-off security solutions or individual technologies.


New defense-grade program to enable all types of organizations to Monitor, Detect, Respond and Prevent Cyber Attacks.


with over 10 years of cybersecurity experience within the GCC, GBM is your trusted advisor throughout your SOC journey.


Offload your team from the day to day operations to our experienced, prompt and objective driven managed services team.

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GBM Threat Hunting tool allows organizations to start their self-evaluation for their technical security controls to identify their effectiveness in the event of a cyber security incident.

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