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Though a solution can be successfully implemented and tested, there is no guarantee that the solution will be fully utilized, reducing your ROI. This is where our Adoption services can help.

Though solutions can be technically implemented and tested, there is no guarantee that they will be fully utilized, reducing your return on investment (ROI). This is where GBM’s Adoption services come into play, the objective of which is to enhance your return on investment (ROI) of new technology investment by helping you to use and fully adopt the technology, for each and every persona.

To achieve this objective, a GBM Customer Success Manager (CSM) provides an additional layer of project management that focuses on solution use and adoption; in essence, a layer of project management that sits above the technical solution roll out that focuses on the people, process and your Teams ability to operate and use the solution.

As every customer has different challenges regarding solution adoption, GBM’s Adoption Services are a bespoke service that is tailored to overcome and manage your organizations predicted and emergent challenges. To achieve this, the GBM Customer Success Manager (CSM) works with you at the Onboarding, Implementation, Use and Adoption touch point of your solution adoption journey:

a. Onboard:

At the onboarding phase of the Customer Organization Growth (COG) Lifecycle Journey, the aim is the development of a Customer Success Plan (CSP) that documents your business objectives for purchasing the solution, developing an agreed upon solution critical success factors and supporting KPI’s that measure the outcomes of the project and its business success. During this process, we also identify the personas and activities required to achieve solution adoption including but not limited to; internal marketing to increase awareness; training; end-user usage documents including stickers and pamphlets.

b. Implement:

While the project is being technically rolled out, the activities detailed in the Customer Success Plan such as internal awareness session, training, knowledge transfers and accelerators are delivered so that your Team are good to go when the solution goes live.

c. Use:

At this point in your journey, the Customer Success Manager tracks and reports upon solution utilization using either telemetry or solution health reporting. During this phase, the Customer Success Manager works with you to identify emerging barriers that are negatively impacting utilization, with recommendations being developed and executed jointly to overcome these.

d. Adoption:

At this critical stage of the lifecycle, the Customer Success Manager continues to monitor and report on the solution with the objective being to ensure that 80% or more of the available licenses are being utilized, proving successful solution adoption and return on your investment.

Figure 1: Customer Organization Growth (COG) Lifecycle Journey


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