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Data analytics has evolved, placing it at the heart of decision-making processes at leading enterprises. Today’s analytics can not only describe what has happened and diagnose the root cause – but businesses can also use AI to predict the future and prescribe the right course of action.

GBM is the region’s only provider of complete, guided solutions that help you advance your use of artificial intelligence and analytics, exploiting recent advances in AI, high performance computing (HPC) and machine learning (ML). From integrating many sources of data into one trusted view of your business, to data science projects, to managing risk and compliance –  we can help you reveal data insights that identify risks faster, apply rigorous know your customer (KYC) processes, and much more. GBM is your experienced partner in planning, deploying and maintaining the right approach to data analytics.

  • Hybrid Data Management

    The amount of stored information grows four times faster than the world economy. Hybrid data management solutions from GBM seamlessly integrate massive volumes of data, both structured and unstructured and from a huge range of sources, creating a comprehensive view of your business. Data can be easily analyzed, shared and managed – both on premise and in the cloud.
    With leading technologies and knowhow, GBM offers end-to-end hybrid data management solutions that can help you:

    • Future-proof data management strategies, with modern platforms ready to handle today’s huge data volumes and diverse data types
    • Be at the forefront of big data analytics, utilizing AI and machine learning to gain insight from IoT, mobile, social and all kinds of unstructured data
    • Overcome data sprawl by consolidating data silos in a cost-efficient data warehouse, ready for access and analysis anywhere

    You could build a data warehouse that integrates multiple big data sources, on premise and in the cloud, on a lightning-fast platform that streamlines queries and quickens time to insight. Or you could build an enterprise-grade data lake that makes big data accessible across your organization, supporting data science projects and faster insights via real-time analytics.

    GBM is ready to partner with you to meet your greatest hybrid data challenges.

  • Data Integration and Governance

    Analytics insights are only as trustworthy as the data behind them. GBM can help you unify data governance and integration in one powerful platform, empowering you to know data is accurate and accessible to the right users. Your solution is built on an open data platform, with industry-leading security, to deliver trusted analytics at any scale – on-premises, or across your hybrid or private cloud.

    GBM offers end-to-end partnership on data integration and governance to help you:

    • Optimize data quality and value by integrating all kinds of structured and unstructured data in a flexible, scalable big data platform. Data is cleansed, managed and available to authorized users
    • Master data governance and management with trusted, self-service analytics and a 360-degree view of customer data, plus efficient systems for governing the information lifecycle
    • Be ready for big data growth with systems that can synchronize huge data volumes, for use in critical analytics workloads, across multi-site organizations with ultra-low latency

    GBM solutions are also optimized for your industry – whether you are in banking and finance, energy and utilities, healthcare, insurance, telecoms or another sector. Terminologies, KPIs, data structures and workflows are all customized to your unique needs. Compliance with critical regulations, such as GDPR, is also simplified with automated governance that helps ensure subjects’ personal data is collected, processed and stored appropriately.

  • Data Science Solutions

    While AI-powered data science is a complex field, organizations must be able to focus on business goals and problems – instead of grappling with technology. That’s why GBM is the right partner to help you use data science across many departments, with accessible tools and techniques that unlock the full spectrum of analytics capabilities.

    Starting with your challenges, we can guide you through planning, implementing and running a scalable data science platform that your whole business can create value with – even those without specialist data skills. You can:

    • Improve business intelligence with descriptive and diagnostic analytics, which integrate all your data sources in a comprehensive view of what is happening – and help you understand why
    • Anticipate what’s coming next with predictive analytics, which combines data mining, machine learning, real-time scoring, text analytics and more, to put you a step ahead of competitors
    • Optimize decisions with prescriptive analytics, which analyzes business goals and constraints to suggest smarter courses of action

    Whether you want to understand customer needs more deeply, reveal insights that drive new operational efficiencies, or achieve any other data science goal, GBM has the know-how and solutions to speed your journey.

  • Risk, Compliance and Performance Management

    Today’s risk and regulatory environment has become incredibly complex. Manually managing risk, compliance and performance is too great a burden, especially if your business prefers to focus on innovation and efficiency. GBM can partner with you to transform risk and compliance, leveraging our regulatory technology (RegTech) expertise and advanced AI and analytics – while reducing cost and effort.

    Your end-to-end RegTech solution from GBM can enable your business to:

    • Simplify compliance with changing regulations, such as (SIA) NESA , ISO, PCI-DSS,NCEMA  among others, by helping you understand how they apply and ensure cost-efficient controls are in place
    • Advance risk management to the next level, leveraging AI to optimize and automate financial decisions
    • Prevent financial crimes and misconduct, using technologies such as real-time fraud detection algorithms to improve transaction integrity and increase customer trust

    We can help you build a platform that standardizes compliance to shrink workloads, screens customers to prevent external fraud, monitors activity to detect internal threats. From planning and deployment to continuous support, GBM is here to meet your challenges, from rising fraud to cost reduction.

  • Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Solutions

    For organizations aiming to get started with AI and cognitive computing – or advance and scale existing AI projects – GBM offers complete cognitive solutions that integrate industry-leading technologies. We can help you design, deploy and run a cognitive platform that makes machine learning (ML) and deep learning (DL) accessible to both technical and non-technical staff, so you can reach the next level of business insight.

    Realize the business value of cognitive computing, with a comprehensive solution that helps you:

    • Be at the cutting edge of technology with an AI platform that enables innovations such as image recognition, natural language interfaces and new customer experiences through the use of chatbots
    • Quicken time to value with lightning-fast infrastructure and efficient AI tools and frameworks that support larger data models and deliver faster insights
    • Fast-forward to enterprise-grade AI with extreme reliability and resilience, end-to-end security, and simplified support and maintenance

    With GBM as your guide, your business can tap into the unlimited potential of cognitive computing.

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