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Make your business smarter and more efficient.

To be a leader in the digital economy, you cannot afford to simply cope with digital transformation. You must optimize and automate business processes, develop software with greater agility, exploit APIs, make the most of enterprise content and increase efficiency everywhere – before your competitors do.

In this highly demanding environment, digital automation is the key building block of success. With innovative solutions such as our blockchain-powered digital business automation (DBA) offering, GBM can partner with you to make your whole business smarter and more efficient. Get ready to shorten time to market, minimize costs and improve processes, all with the reduced effort that automation brings.

  • Business Process Automation & Robotic Process Automation

    Increase efficiency and agility, while also reducing errors and inconsistences in tasks and decision-making, with GBM’s business processes automation (BPA) and robotic process automation (RPA) solutions.

    GBM can help you build your end-to-end BPA and RPA solution, from consultation to implementation and continuous support, so you can:

    • Free employees from repetitive tasks, enabling them to focus on higher-value work
    • Increase productivity and consistency by optimizing business processes
    • Make better, faster decisions by capturing your business rules and using them to react with agility

    Whatever your unique challenges, GBM has the technologies and expertise to take you forward. If your business needs to track transactions at scale, for example, we can help you leverage blockchain to automate processes with extreme cost-efficiency and security.

  • API Economy

    In every sector, from healthcare to telecoms, GBM is helping organizations use APIs to create profitable new services and improve software development. At banks, for example, our API automation solutions can power mobile apps for customers and make transaction systems available for license by third-parties.

    Automation is the key to creating, managing and sharing APIs that are secure and reliable – as well as being ready to monetize. When your business is equipped to achieve all that, you can:

    • Create new business opportunities built on APIs and microservices that leverage existing assets with significant cost-efficiency
    • Simplify management of the full API lifecycle including analytics insights and security
    • Help developers discover and use your APIs, both on-premises and in the cloud

    With expert partnership, starting with your challenges and continuing through design, implementation and support, GBM readies you to thrive in the API economy.

  • Enterprise Content Management

    Digitizing your unstructured data can unlock valuable knowledge about your customers and business. GBM can help you automate enterprise content management (ECM) to capture, store and analyze content at scale, harnessing insights that were previously hidden.

    Having an enterprise content strategy is essential in becoming a digital business. With the right approach to ECM you can:

    • Bring content under control as data volumes grow at unprecedented speeds
    • Meet compliance and security requirements with easy-to-apply policies
    • Automate capture and analysis of paper and digital documents

    Our comprehensive ECM solutions make the most complex content processes more efficient. For instance, GBM can help banks capture thousands of credit applications per day, review each outcome and respond appropriately – without the need for costly and error-prone manual work. We can partner with you to design, implement and run your ideal ECM solution.

  • DevOps

    Quicken time to market, modernize your applications and support your organization’s journey to digital transformation, with DevOps solutions from GBM.

    Leveraging the same DevOps principles our own teams work with every day, GBM can help you take a lean and agile approach to software development and delivery, focused on automating every stage of the application lifecycle. GBM solutions bring your development, operations and testing together as one, increasing agility and helping you address customer feedback faster.

    Adopting DevOps with GBM can also help your business:

    • Respond to the market faster with engaging customer experiences
    • Modernize your applications to improve developer productivity and operational efficiency
    • Build-in security at every stage of the software lifecycle

    Our end-to-end solutions are designed for your unique use cases and challenges. For example, we can help banks turn deployment of large-scale distributed systems into a routine and predictable task, or shorten development times for telco companies who need to be more agile. Businesses in every industry can achieve more with DevOps.

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