Enterprise Applications

Streamline operations, enhance employee productivity and enrich customer relationships.

Successful digital transformation depends on a modernized software core. GBM offers a broad portfolio of enterprise applications that add value to every function of your organization. From HR to the supply chain, from optimizing marketing to application performance, we can help you achieve ambitious goals with tailored and fully supported solutions.

  • HR Solutions

    Effective human resources (HR) management leverages your most unique and powerful resource – your people – to gain real competitive edge. With leading HR software solutions, customized for your business goals, GBM can help you attract and retain talent, measure and improve performance, and build a more collaborative and productive workforce.
    GBM offers HR solutions in three key areas, enabling your organization to:

    • Use AI insights to find the best talent faster, assess and predict performance accurately, and personalize career development to make new hires more successful – all with reduced operational costs
    • Guide employees to reach their full potential with proven and pre-defined talent frameworks, AI-powered personalized career coaching, simplified employee assessments and the right tools to optimize talent development
    • Help teams collaborate for greater productivity with a tailored digital workspace solution that empowers talent to create and share, converse more productively, and optimize their own workflows

    If your organization wants to modernize HR for greater efficiency and measurably improved outcomes, GBM can help you integrate cutting-edge technologies and platforms that are proven to deliver. Our HR specialists can help you identify your goals and the right applications to meet them, and we can provide technical and business support every step of the way.

  • Application Management and Monitoring

    Your enterprise applications are the core of your digital business. When they run predictably and reliably – on premises and in the cloud – your organization can perform at its best, utilizing infrastructure to the maximum and avoiding costly disruptions. GBM can help you monitor and manage your applications to optimize performance, identify issues and root causes, prevent disruptions and ensure stability. We integrate leading technologies that simplify management and address your challenges, with expert ongoing support from the GBM team.

    Our complete application management and monitoring solutions can help your organization:

    • Achieve always-on availability, with up to 99.99% uptime, with automated monitoring of your applications across on-premises, public cloud and hybrid cloud environments
    • Resolve performance issues before customers are affected, with predictive insights and automated resiliency
    • Reduce application management costs with fast deployment, quick and automated issue resolution, industry-leading diagnostics that quickly reveal root causes, and improve application uptime

    If your enterprise applications are prone to outage or unpredictable performance, or if your IT teams are spending too much time optimizing software or investigating problems, GBM can help you integrate a tailored solution that adds value across your entire organization.

  • Digital Marketing

    Your customers expect simple, consistent and personalized digital experiences. But as these experiences diverge across many channels – web, mobile, apps – the challenge of delivering them is growing. With more information available than ever before, some marketers are struggling to gain the insights they need to optimize campaigns and improve ROI on their marketing spend.

    GBM digital marketing solutions tie everything together, so your business can:

    • Reveal actionable insights by harnessing data across the entire customer journey
    • Know customers as individuals and give them seamless personalized experiences
    • Orchestrate unified campaigns online and offline
    • Build customer relationships that drive engagement seamlessly across all channels

    You don’t need IT expertise to achieve all this. Your solution can include powerful AI-infused analytics, identifying the ideal audience for your campaign and highlighting customers who are most likely to buy – with tools that are simple, visual and integrated to support your business goals. GBM is ready to provide the end-to-end solution you need to transform your digital marketing.

  • Digital Commerce

    Digital commerce is so much more than the online storefront. Omnichannel experiences may be the focal point, but businesses also need efficient order management that optimizes profits, as well as smart insights to build personalized experiences on.

    GBM’s end-to-end digital commerce solutions integrate cutting-edge technologies to transform your business, so you can:

    • Spend more time innovating instead of managing your platform
    • Leverage modern approaches such as AI, to visualize trends and patterns and leap ahead of competitors
    • Scale at a moment’s notice with hybrid cloud infrastructure

    With GBM as your partner, you can focus on executing your strategy and deliver seamless e-commerce experiences. Imagine you need to identify the most efficient way to fulfill every order. We can help you use intelligent fulfillment to learn from your order history to optimize shipping costs, reduce backlog and delight your customers. Whatever your digital commerce challenges, GBM can help you meet them.

  • Supply Chain Solutions

    The quality, delivery and costs of your business offerings are inextricably linked to your supply chain. Elevate your supply chain management systems, and you can also greatly improve visibility, transparency and insight into your data and processes.

    GBM offers supply chain management solutions that can help your business:

    • Gain a 360-degree view of your supply chain by unifying its millions of disparate data points in a single source of truth
    • Predict, assess and mitigate disruptions by monitoring potential risks and managing your business partner network
    • Make the path from supplier to customer clearer improving the information flow across B2B relationships and making transactions more reliable and compliant

    It starts with your business goals. Imagine you need to drive efficiency into your supply chain. Your solution can leverage blockchain with secure, distributed ledgers that automatically record asset transfers, track POs and orders and link physical goods to bar codes. Whatever your use cases, GBM’s comprehensive supply chain solutions take you from the planning stage, to implementation, to ongoing support.

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