Internet of Things

Tap the full potential of your connected assets.

Internet of Things (IoT) is changing the way we experience the world. IoT coupled with the power of AI is increasingly influencing how businesses operate, how buildings are managed for energy conservation and safety, how production is optimized in oil and gas sector and even how cities function. By partnering with GBM, you can leverage IoT solutions to innovate, increase quality, optimize your asset performance, manage and operate your buildings, and also create and protect smart cities.

Whether you are looking to innovate in your business or optimize your costs, GBM provides technologies and know-how to design, implement and support complete and secure solutions for you. We can partner with you on everything, from IoT sensors, edge gateways and platform, right up to artificial intelligence and analytics layers that reveal valuable insights. Explore and exploit IoT’s endless possibilities with us.

  • Intelligent Operations

    Cities and property can be safer and smarter with intelligent insights gathered via the Internet of Things (IoT). GBM offers intelligent operations solutions that help government leaders and business owners to optimize operational efficiency, plan for growth, and be ready to tackle problems – all with visual and actionable insights.

    Integrating leading technologies within your end-to-end solution, GBM can help your organization:

    • See a multi-faceted view of resources and events, which combines many data sources and helps teams collaborate effectively
    • Analyze patterns, identify trends and predict the future with powerful analytics
    • Automatically gather video insights from security/CCTV sources, using intelligent video analytics with facial recognition

    GBM solutions are designed, deployed and supported to meet your unique needs. For government leaders, that could mean increasing public safety and making services more sustainable – but whatever your organization’s challenges, we are the intelligent operations partner to help you solve them.

  • Asset and System Management

    The operational efficiency of physical assets and digital infrastructure can have a big impact on your company’s bottom line. What if you could use data from the Internet of Things (IoT), and your IT network, to automatically reveal insights that help you reduce downtime and increase efficiency? GBM offers the technologies and partnership to take you there.

    Our asset and system management solutions combine IoT data from people and devices, as well as leading network management tools, to help you:

    • Reduce downtime by up to 20% while improving asset utilization by up to 5%
    • Improve labor utilization by up to 20% by enhancing your scheduling, maintenance, crew management, performance indicators and more
    • Reducing inventory needs by up to 30%, by planning inventory to meet demand more accurately and improving vendor relations management

    As an example, our solutions can support utilities companies to deliver more-reliable water supplies to end-customers. For energy firms, better asset management can mean operational cost savings in the millions of dollars. Your solution begins with your organization’s unique challenges, which GBM can help you solve through expert planning, design, implementation and support.

  • Cognitive Buildings

    Buildings are no longer simply places to live and work. They also produce large volumes of unstructured data that, when harnessed by the Internet of Things (IoT) and analyzed with the power of analytics and AI can help you transform user experiences and make construction and operations much more efficient.

    GBM offers the know-how and technologies to partner with you at every step of your smarter buildings journey. We can help you gather and use IoT data to:

    • Solve today’s construction challenges using building information modelling (BIM) to meet new environmental regulations and improve profit margins
    • Optimize operational efficiencies to improve space utilization, building and equipment maintenance, security and safety, reducing costs in every area
    • Improve building profitability by streamlining business processes, automating financial management and revealing insights that lead to smarter investment decisions

    Your occupants, staff and managers can enjoy more personalized experiences too. In the hospitality industry, for instance, GBM applies AI technology to allow hotel guests to speak to their room via a natural voice interface.

  • Industry Solutions

    Digitally transforming with IoT, to gain new competitive edge, requires a complete IoT platform that is tailored to solve your industry’s challenges. GBM has the know-how and technologies to help you design, build and run your right-fit IoT solution.

    We can partner with you to:

    • Create your complete IoT platform with industry-leading tools, IoT data capture and processing, real-time and historical analytics, plus the means to connect it all via cloud
    • Optimize IoT for your industry with specialized solutions for automotive, electronics, energy, insurance, manufacturing, retail, and federal organizations
    • Simplify IoT with a turnkey solution that integrates AI and analytics to give you insights

    In the energy sector, for example, our solutions can combine IoT data and AI to make sure machinery performs and is maintained optimally. From cost savings to increased reliability of services, and beyond, GBM can guide you to IoT leadership in your industry.

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