Audio Visual & Smart Systems

Integrated solutions for guest room management (GRMS), meeting and conference rooms, digital signage & video walls, interactive TV & IPTV, public address systems and beyond

Smart systems and new audio-visual experiences are helping organizations to become more customer-centric, increase understanding of customer needs, and deliver better services. From hospitality, where A/V is making experiences richer and more intuitive, to customer experience (CX) rooms that reveal hidden customer insights, opportunities to build competitive advantage are endless.

GBM is at the leading edge of A/V and smart systems, offering end-to-end solutions that guide you through requirement analysis, design, implementation and support. With an expert team and relationships with major manufacturers, we can integrate solutions for guest room management (GRMS), meeting and conference rooms, digital signage and video walls, interactive TV and IPTV, public address systems and beyond.

  • Customer Experience Center Solutions

    Control the way customers engage with your solutions and show them spectacular hands-on demonstrations in an optimal setting

    Giving customers an unforgettable experience is a powerful way to gain their trust and their business. With a purpose-built customer experience center (CEC), you can control the way customers engage with your solutions and show them spectacular hands-on demonstrations in an optimal setting. GBM can help you design and build a CEC or executive briefing center that leverages leading technologies to delight customers and make sharing information with them easier.

    With complete solutions designed, implemented and supported to meet your objectives, GBM can help you:
    Stage unforgettable customer meetings and presentations, in person and remotely, with a purpose-built CEC designed to exceed their expectations and present your business as a leader in your field
    Streamline and enhance experiences with simple and intuitive systems for booking visits, providing hands-on demonstrations, sharing powerful digital content and more
    Overcome challenges to creating a CEC with GBM’s technology integration expertise, which enables you to leverage AR and VR, visualization labs, room booking systems, immersive audio-visual features and more

    Whether your goal is to attract new prospects, increase sales conversions, or build stronger relationships, GBM is ready to help you build an inspiring customer experience center that takes the customer experience to the next level.

  • Command and Control Center

    Achieve increased efficiency and control, continuous protection, and simplified investigations with Command and Control Center Solutions

    The digital organization depends on a complex mix of technologies and systems, from traditional infrastructure, to AI and cognitive, to big data and cybersecurity, all of which must be highly optimized and available. GBM can help you centralize and simplify control of your organization in a dedicated command and control center, so you can manage the data center more efficiently, gain greater visibility with video displays showing infrastructure, services & security status, and respond faster to issues and changing needs.

    NOC and SOC are mission critical, 24/7 operations centers that have unique and demanding environments. These critical work environments require the design and components that are capable of meeting the highest needs. GBM provides turnkey command and control center solutions, guiding you through plan, design, build, MEP and fit-out to enable your organization for:

    • Increased efficiency and control with a smart centralized control platform that can automate management tasks
    • Continuous protection with 24/7 monitoring
    • Simplified investigations with the capabilities of expediting the process of analysis

    Whether you need to review and update an existing control center built before your current digital transformation project, or you are building a new data center, NOC or SOC, GBM is the partner to help you manage with greater intelligence and achieve faster incident response times.

  • Guest Room Smart Systems for Hospitality

    Give your guests truly memorable experiences with cutting-edge technologies

    Companies that offer the most innovative, intuitive customer experiences enjoy major competitive advantages – and often lead the market. With smart audio-visual systems for guest rooms and hospitality, you can make customer experiences simpler and more personalized, while also delivering a ‘wow’ factor that is truly memorable. GBM can help you transform experiences in the domains of hospitality, industrial, healthcare and enterprise.

    With complete solutions designed, implemented and supported by our team of software and infrastructure specialists, we can help you:

    • Hyper-personalize the guest experience with simple, multilingual controls for all your digital services in one place
    • Provide instant gratification with familiar app-based controls for everything from air conditioning
    • Deliver more immersive experiences with leading-edge A/V systems including UHD screens and interactive IPTV services

    If you want guests to feel welcome right away, GBM smart systems can speak their language, enable them to easily control their environment, and provide instant access to rich interactive services such as on-demand TV and video communications. Whatever you need to give guests a more memorable experience, we can help you integrate cutting-edge technologies to deliver it.

  • Meeting and Conference Room Automation

    Collaborate effectively across locations. Talk, present, share content, and create together in the perfect physical environment

    Your teams and partners need to collaborate effectively across locations. Yet integrating the systems and setting up the physical environment that will allow you to talk, present, share content, and create together is a difficult challenge. GBM can help you solve it, with turnkey meeting and conference room solutions built on cutting-edge technologies that simply work.

    Our team can help you:

    • Build your ultimate meeting and conference space. Designed and built for your specific needs at any size, we help you deliver the ideal guest experience while maximizing ROI and productivity.
    • Integrate leading technologies. From lighting and acoustically-designed sound systems, to interactive touch screens and the sharpest, most reliable video conferencing tools.
    • Automate for improved productivity. Don’t let technical problems slow down your meetings. GBM can help you automate conferencing, camera and mic control, lighting and so much more.

    From needs assessment and design to fitting out your ultra-modern meeting and conference space, we will provide customized meeting and conference rooms that meet your needs to ensure maximum ROI and positive guest experience. Whether you need the most reliable, 4K video conferencing, or you want to leverage approaches such as AI, virtual reality and augmented reality, GBM has the expertise and partnerships to bring it all together.

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