Data Center Site Services

Plan, design, build, support and manage a data center that meets your greatest challenges

The data center is the heart of the digital business. When the data center is healthy, your organization works confidently towards its objectives. When it encounters a problem, critical business issues ensue. GBM understands that data center availability and reliability are vital to your success, and we have become a Gulf market leader in providing critical data center facility solutions. Over 100 sites depend on our end-to-end partnership.

GBM’s highly experienced engineers are certified in global standards, while our partnerships with global technology leaders including enable us to deliver dependable innovation at any scale. We can help you plan, design, build, support and manage a data center that meets your greatest challenges.

  • Facility Preparation, Racking and Connectivity

    Create the optimal environment for a reliable, space-efficient new data center

    Create the optimal environment for a reliable, space-efficient new data center. GBM provides everything you need to ready your facility for smooth installation of digital infrastructure, with complete preparation, racking and connectivity solutions.

    Our highly experienced team is ready to help you:

    • Design and build the right environment, including decoration and raised flooring
    • Organize your data center with enterprise-grade racking, power distribution units (PDUs), cable containment systems and aisle containment systems
    • Maintain data center health with environmental monitoring systems that alert you to potential risks
    • Integrate component connectivity with fiber and copper structural cabling systems

    Data center hardware is more reliable and easier to manage when your facility is designed and prepared using industry best practices. GBM is the partner to ensure your critical infrastructure has the right foundation.

  • Power and Cooling

    Ensure that mission critical workloads are never interrupted

    Your data center’s power and cooling needs are neither simple nor constant. When workloads grow, or demands on digital services spike, equipment draws more power and temperatures rise. Scaling up your data center also changes power and cooling requirements. Only by ensuring your environment is prepared for every scenario can you mitigate risks such as costly downtime and hardware failure.

    As an Elite Partner of Schneider Electric, the global energy management leader, GBM can answer all of your power and cooling needs to:

    • Meet energy goals and standards with industry-leading system and design and technologies, which can reduce operational costs
    • Maintain data center availability with power and cooling designed to mitigate assessed risks
    • Be ready for future growth with solution design that considers modularity, scalability and the workloads of tomorrow

    Whether your objective is to improve the energy efficiency of your data center, or you need to ensure that mission critical workloads are never interrupted, GBM has the experience and solutions to protect your equipment – and your business.

  • Physical Security Solutions

    Secure your data center site and tightly integrate physical security

    Information security is among the biggest challenges faced by organizations today – and physical security should be the foundation of every organization’s strategy. GBM understands that while software-based security is essential, physically securing your organization is just as important. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of enterprise-grade physical security solutions, for organizations of all sizes.

    With industry-leading protection and monitoring systems, GBM can help your organization:

    • Secure your data center site with secure racking, video surveillance, intercom systems and more
    • Authorize entry for the right employees with secure, easy-to-manage access control solutions
    • Tightly integrate physical security with your overall strategy, including video surveillance analytics that support automated security reporting and response

    With a safe data center site that is monitored 24/7, you can secure critical systems and backups, ensure only the right users gain access, and minimize tampering even if security is breached. GBM can help every kind of organization to prevent costly incidents, and we can tailor your solution according to your objectives and the scale of your data center.

  • Portable Modular Data Center Solutions

    The prefabricated, factory-tested and secure data center site, customized for your needs and ready to use immediately

    Traditional data center sites pose many challenges. Physical space limitations can make scaling hardware difficult. Moving premises is a complex operation. Designing the facility, ensuring that security, power distribution and cooling needs are met, is costly and time-consuming. GBM offers a simple, easy-to-deploy solution that can overcome all these obstacles: the portable modular data center. It’s a prefabricated, factory-tested and secure data center site, customized for your needs and ready to use immediately.

    With an expert team and deep understanding of the regional environment, GBM offers portable modular data center solutions that enable your organization to:

    • Plug and play a tailored facility, or “data center in a container”, that is prefabricated to meet industry best-practices and your needs
    • Scale and relocate with ease with a portable and modular data center site
    • Reduce up-front and ongoing capital expenditure with pre-tested design, fast deployment and the ability to pay as you grow

    If your organization requires secure, predictable and reliable data center capacity, which is cost-efficient and simple to deploy, GBM is the partner of choice.

  • Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM)

    Simplified data center infrastructure management (DCIM) that supports you to choose the infrastructure, the location, and the level of management you need

    In a fast-evolving technology era, where new digital potential must be realized within pre-planned budgets, it is essential to find the right partner to build cost-effective, energy-efficient and performant infrastructure. GBM has simplified data center infrastructure management (DCIM), supporting you to choose the infrastructure, the location, and the level of management you need. Our specialized team can manage planning, construction, monitoring, and operations of your data center, on a per-server or premises level – flexibly, according to your needs.

    GBM can help your organization:
    Optimize operational expenditure with a flexible, cost-effective solution that includes only the DCIM services you need
    Simplify data center operations with efficient, automated processes that reduce the need for manual intervention
    Gain greater facility control with enhanced operational intelligence, availability, security, standards compliance and environmental impacts

    If you are tackling rising complexity and costs, and need a proven partner that can manage your data center infrastructure on your terms, GBM has the expertise and strategic partnerships to deliver.

  • Micro Data Center Solutions

    A complete solution with backup power, cooling, security and management

    An easy-to-deploy ‘Server Room in a Box’ which allows for IT deployment wherever and whenever it is needed, saving space, cost and deployment time.

    The Micro Data Center solution comes complete with backup power, cooling, security and management.

    GBM can help your organization:

    • Protect critical data from harsh environment, vandalism and natural disasters
    • Simplify deployment by replacing small server room in remote location, factories and production facility
    • Minimize latency by placing processing capacity closer to production to minimize network delays

    The solution is ideal for locations which lack dedicated IT space and require additional level of physical protection or security.

    If you are lacking dedicated IT space and require additional level of physical protection or security, GBM has the expertise to offer you the Micro Data Center solution.

  • Data Center Testing and Commissioning

    Identify risks and issues, and verify quality and performance of your data center

    The success of your data center depends on the resilience of its many support systems. Resilience must be comprehensive and proven, if you are to mitigate risks such as data loss, damage to equipment and failure of mission-critical systems. The right way to prepare is a comprehensive commissioning and testing process, which identifies risks and issues, and verifies quality and performance. GBM has the expertise and systems to provide complete solutions, which can be integrated with our broader data center solutions.

    GBM’s data center testing and commissioning solutions follow a 5-point plan that enables your organization to:

    1. Detect equipment issues before installation with factory acceptance testing (FAT)
    2. Ensure quality of all components with quality control and component verification
    3. Verify performance of all components with functional component testing (FCT)
    4. Verify performance of individual systems with functional system testing (FST)
    5. Verify performance of your installed data center with integrated systems testing

    Failure of even small components, such as network cables or cooling fans, could negatively impact your operations, or even cause hardware failure and data loss. GBM is the partner to help you minimize these risks, with cost-efficient solutions that prove – and improve – your data center’s resilience.

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