Software Defined Data Center

Simplify and modernize your digital infrastructure with software-defined data center solutions

Simplify and modernize digital infrastructure with software-defined data center solutions. Faster deployment, centralized management and easy scalability are the key takeaways SDDC can offer. GBM can help you transform your data center, with comprehensive SDDC solutions that are standardized, secured, scalable, automated, and highly resilient. The days of silo and costly infrastructure, which were individually managed, are over.

How is SDDC transforming businesses? Infrastructure is virtualized and delivered as a service, making all kinds of equipment work together. Data center management is automated for greater efficiency. Virtualization is extended to every data center resource and service, simplifying management even further. SDDC can also drive dramatic savings in capital and operation expenditure. With GBM as your digital infrastructure partner, you can implement an SDDC solution that enhances performance and reliability, saves you time, and gets you ready for the future.

  • Hyperconverged Infrastructure

    The fastest and simplest route to digital transformation

    Find the fastest and simplest route to digital transformation. GBM offers the best-in-class hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) solutions from leading vendors, engineered for mission-critical workloads and cloud capabilities. HCI combines storage, networking and compute in a single appliance. Deployment takes minutes, management is simple, and scaling your data center is as easy as connecting another node.

    Use HCI to accelerate your digital transformation and:

    • Conquer challenging workloads such as AI, cognitive analytics and open source databases (OSDB), with a high-performance enterprise
    • Simplify everything by reducing dependence on scarce IT management skills, scaling out with a click, and having the ease of a public cloud experience in your private data center.
    • Transform at your own pace, deploying with a few HCI nodes and scaling incrementally

    The simple, “pay as you grow” scalability of hyperconverged solutions means you don’t have to replace existing infrastructure. As you add nodes and scale out, new storage and compute resources are automatically virtualized and pooled to handle bigger workloads. GBM can help you plan, deploy and manage your complete HCI solution, every step of the way.

  • Digital Workspace

    Simple and secure platform to manage any application on any device

    The ability to work on any devices gives your teams more flexibility – but it can also increase management burden and introduce new security risks. GBM can help you unify and simplify the digital workspace, with an integrated solution that lets you securely deliver any application, on any device. Employees benefit from a smoother workflow across devices. Productivity, management efficiencies and security are enhanced across the organization.

    We can customize, deploy and support your end-to-end digital workspace solution, to help your business:

    • Deliver the right experience to the employees, including applications, OSes, content and files. Simple, powerful access management policies keep apps and data highly secure.
    • Enable employees to work on multiple devices anywhere anytime, including their own mobile device, Windows PC or Mac, from a single interface. with better security and management.
    • Optimize resources and the user experience, and strengthen regulatory compliance, with integrated analytics insights

    GBM solutions also make updating devices and migrating software easier – one click can roll out updates and security fixes to thousands of employees at once. The digital workspace can make your software and device management simpler, more secure and more user-centric.

  • Backup and Data Protection

    Data is your organization’s most valuable asset - build a scalable and secure data protection solutions

    Data is your organization’s most valuable asset, and making sure it is always available and protected against loss is exteremely crucial. GBM builds scalable and secure backup solutions, which protects all of your data across cloud, physical and virtual environments. With simple and centralized management ,should data loss occur, you can restore any snapshot or backup in moments.

    With in-house data protection specialists and complete solutions built on industry’s best practices, GBM can help your organization:

    • Maintain data availability with automated replication and fast restoration that minimizes disruption caused by data loss
    • Recover faster with simple management via one simple interface for backup administration, user profiles and snapshots
    • Protect data across complex hybrid infrastructure with a single solution that integrates cloud and on-premises environments

    GBM can design, test and implement the right-fit data protection solutions, whether you want it on-premise or on cloud with the right scalability suitable for your organization.

  • Cloud Infrastructure

    Find the right technology infrastructure for your cloud strategy

    The journey to cloud is one of considerable organizational change. 80-90% of enterprises have multi-cloud strategy. Business outcomes improve significantly with each positive step, but it can be difficult to find the right path alone. Each organization has a unique starting point. The least digitally mature may still be running a traditional datacenter. Others have already adopted software-defined and private cloud approaches.

    GBM can help you continue your evolution and succeed in the cloud era. With leading technology partnerships and deep experience across sectors, we offer end-to-end cloud infrastructure solutions that:

    • Give you the right-mix hybrid cloud, seamlessly integrating and secure your private cloud with existing public cloud services. All in a highly scalable infrastructure
    • Simplify your cloud journey with expert guidance at every step. From assessing your current infrastructure to planning, deployment and support
    • Put you ahead of the curve, outpacing competitors by implementing the most innovative, agile and efficient cloud services

    Whether you need to conquer intense workloads such as AI, blockchain and IoT, or to deliver hundreds of services and applications, anywhere, GBM can help you implement the right cloud infrastructure services for your unique challenges.

  • Software Defined Network

    Respond quickly to changing business requirements, simplify network operations and dramatically reduce IT costs with the industry’s most complete software-defined networking (SDN) solutions

    Respond quickly to changing business requirements, simplify network operations and dramatically reduce IT costs, with the industry’s most complete software-defined networking (SDN) solutions from GBM.

    With a centralized approach to network management, which abstracts the hardware infrastructure to reduce complexity, your organization can:
    • Easily build a programmable network, so you can provision and manage across data centers and wide-area networks from a single console. No manual configuration required
    • Deploy applications and services faster, with a software-defined network designed for easy integration of multi-vendor products and open APIs
    • Use automation to simplify operations, while also achieving the network security and scalability your business needs

    GBM software-defined networking solutions are designed, implemented and supported to fulfill requirements in every industry. Governments, for instance, need to connect data centers in departments that span wide geographic areas. SDN automation can greatly improve cost-efficiency, as well as fueling innovation, in these use cases and many others.

  • Application Delivery and Traffic Management

    The application delivery and traffic management approach that is ‘always-on’ to meet customer expectations

    If your organization manages many apps, which need to be performant and ‘always-on’ to meet customer expectations, then you need an application delivery and traffic management approach that measures up. GBM can plan, implement and run your complete solution, with all of the load balancing, management and performance features you need.

    With a modern application delivery infrastructure designed for your unique use cases, you can:
    • Use enterprise-class load balancing, including features such as on-demand scaling, application acceleration and SSL offloading, to speed up performance
    • Improve application availability by reducing latency and response delays, and completing web requests with less data transfer
    • Optimize performance by serving users from the best-performing physical or cloud environment for them

    Whether your apps are used at a single location or globally, delivered by hybrid or private cloud, GBM can partner with you to meet the toughest security, availability and performance goals. For banks, that could mean protecting online services from fraud. For governments, it could be about faster performance at reduced cost. We’ll help you identify your own use cases and deliver the right-fit solution for your business.

  • Data Protection

    Efficient, automatic and secure data backup and synchronization

    As data volumes at your organization grow, protecting against data loss becomes more challenging. Storage costs also rise. The answer is efficient, automatic and secure data backup and synchronization, so that everyone at your company – including in remote office locations – can access up-to-date files, and lost data can be restored in moments.

    GBM offers complete data protection solutions, featuring industry-leading security, so your business can:

    • Reduce storage costs with data compression and deduplication that improves utilization, plus cost-saving data transfer processes
    • Protect data from cyber threats with industry-leading role-based security, management by GBM security experts, and up to 256-bit AES encryption at data creation, in transit and in storage
    • Restore to any recovery point with a single click via a simple and intuitive web application

    Our experts can help you design, test and implement the right data protection strategy for your organization’s needs. Whether you require cloud integration, multi-site data replication, or better cost-efficiency, your solution starts here.

  • Data Center Security

    Modern infrastructure requires a modern approach to security, which is ready to protect data, applications and workloads wherever they go

    Data centers are being transformed into cloud-integrated, software-defined, virtualized environments. This modern infrastructure also requires a modern approach to security, which is ready to protect data, applications and workloads wherever they go.

    GBM security experts understand today’s and future needs, and our comprehensive solutions integrate the industry’s best technologies to fit your business.

    With GBM as your data center security partner, your organization can:

    • Protect against every kind of threat with a clear view of your applications, devices, network, users and workloads, as well as the ability to detect, block and respond to breaches fast
    • Take a modern approach to security which protects applications as they travel across the whole data center, and automates policies for greater efficiency
    • Be more productive by reducing security disruptions and simplifying management, so you can spend more time on high-value operations

    Security is a top priority at every business, but your unique challenges depend on the nature of your organization and your data center. Securing public cloud workloads, preventing data breaches caused by human error, and reducing security management burden on IT departments are among the goals that GBM’s end-to-end solutions can help you address.

  • Data Center Analytics

    Get a holistic view and gain full visibility into the data center environment

    Without full visibility into the data center environment, your organization may not be able to address operational problems and security challenges quickly enough to prevent downtime. With GBM, you can deploy a turnkey data center and networking analytics solution that provides multi-dimensional security across all kinds of workloads – including those running in multi-cloud environments.

    Our team of certified data center analytics specialists can guide you to clear and actionable insight, enabling your business to:

    • Get a holistic view including real-time application monitoring via a centralized platform with detailed controls
    • Accelerate application flow by up to 80% with optimized hardware and software performance
    • Greatly reduce management cost time with common policies and models you can apply easily across the whole data center, as well as easy integration via open APIs

    GBM solutions are ready to secure the most cutting-edge workloads, including AI-powered behavior analysis, unsupervised machine learning and others. All with a tailored, end-to-end solution that automates monitoring of every server process to quickly identify and respond to vulnerabilities and exposures.

  • Application Monitoring and Management

    Analyze workloads, identify wasted resources, and ensure your hardware is utilized to the maximum

    In today’s data-centric organizations, application workloads are growing fast. These increased demands often lead to costly infrastructure scaling – but before you spend more on hardware, why not discover if you can use your existing infrastructure more efficiently? GBM’s application monitoring and management solutions analyze your workloads, identify wasted resources, and ensure your hardware is utilized to the max.

    With guided, end-to-end solutions managed by GBM experts, your organization can:

    • Gain clear visibility into your environments revealing bottlenecks and slow spots that are wasting resources
    • Identify and fix application inefficiencies so that resources can be freed and reallocated to other workloads
    • Reduce infrastructure costs by maximizing utilization of your existing data center, which can delay the need for new hardware
    • Deliver the best possible customer experience by measuring and analyzing the client-side performance and optimizing the web experience accordingly

    Whether you are considering a data center upgrade, working to reduce operational costs, or evaluating the best way to deal with growing workloads, you could achieve dramatic efficiency gains. GBM’s application monitoring and management solutions are for every business that wants to realize the full value of its infrastructure.

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