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Secure, scalable and cost-efficient networking solutions to maintain the competitive edge

Leading organizations need secure, scalable and cost-efficient networking solutions to maintain the competitive edge that best-practice approaches, including intent-based networking, software-defined access and location-based analytics, can bring.

GBM is the networking partner to help you gain dramatic advantages in productivity, ease of setup and management, expandability, security and cost-efficiency. Certified to deliver leading products from access points to controllers, and with a highly experienced engineering team, we can guide you from design to implementation and support of enterprise-class wireless and mobility solutions that meet your unique challenges – whether you are large organization or growing fast.

  • Intent-Based Networking

    Increase agility, reduce network management costs and security risks

    When your network connects everything, it has the potential to continuously inform, protect and improve every business process. GBM can help you use intent-based networking to capture your business intent and applies it network-wide, so you can ensure your network delivers what your organization needs – even when those needs are always changing.

    GBM’s end-to-end solutions include design, deployment and support of programmable intent-based network infrastructure, to help your business:

    • Increase agility with a network that automatically adapts to your organization’s needs as they change
    • Reduce network management costs, freeing your organization to spend more resources on innovations that add business value
    • Reduce risk from security threats, regulatory compliance and IT downtime, with automated monitoring and analytics that pinpoint and respond to issues

    For a network with many users, and the heavy IT support burden that brings, GBM’s intent-based networking solutions can solve problems proactively – before they affect users. For businesses in every sector, we can help you identify use cases, implement right-fit technologies and continuously increase business value, guiding you every step of the way.

  • Software-Defined Access

    The automated, end-to-end segmentation of network traffic, without the need to redesign your network

    The network is a constantly-changing environment, connecting an ever-growing numbers of applications, devices and users. Efficiently managing authorization of all these connections – across wired and wireless networks – is a challenge traditional networks cannot meet. GBM’s software-defined access solutions provide automated, end-to-end segmentation of network traffic, without the need to redesign your network. Applying authorization policies is simpler, and operations are more efficient.

    With end-to-end partnership that guides you from identifying needs to continuously optimizing your network, GBM can help your business:

    • Speed up network management with centralized control, automated device deployment and easy application of consistent policies across your network
    • Reduce costs and errors with automation driven by policies designed to meet your goals, such as fewer security breaches
    • Gain actionable insights that can help you predict problems earlier and optimize performance of the network, devices and applications

    For organizations that need enhanced network security, GBM’s software-defined access solutions reduce attack surfaces and increase trust with AES-256 traffic encryption. When the goal is efficiency, we can integrate diverse networks in a single programmable fabric controlled by efficient policies. We can help you identify your use cases and implement the right-fit solution.

  • Network Security

    Agile, resilient and cost-efficient network security for your business

    For networks that are growing in size and sophistication, security is as much about having the right strategy as the right solution. The right security strategy evolves with changing needs, to provide unified threat management from the data center to the network edge. GBM has the experience, the regional knowledge, and the industry partnerships to fully protect your business network.

    Our network security expertise and technologies are proven. GBM’s expansive team holds skills and certifications covering every aspect of network security, including CEH and CISSP. Our solutions are architected to meet industry standards such as PCI-DSS, ISO 27001/27002, COBIT and NIST.

    We can help you meet all of your network security goals, starting with:

    • Consolidating network security in a single, easy-to-manage platform that provides fast return on investment and advanced threat protection
    • A strong line of defense against known and unknown threats, built with next-generation firewalls
    • Protection against internal threats and identity theft with advanced access control policies, multi-factor authentication, and industry-leading security for email, mobile devices and web browsing
    • Meeting regulatory compliance goals with the right tools and support from our expert team
    • Securing every environment including virtual machines and web applications
    • Data loss prevention across the entire network and every endpoint
    • Continuous security enhancement with automated data analytics insights based on network, security and compliance data

    GBM protects many IT networks in the region, and our knowhow can mean more agile, resilient and cost-efficient security for your business.

  • Wireless Access

    Transform the way you work, collaborate and access digital services with the right infrastructure

    Wireless and mobile networking are transforming the way organizations work, collaborate and access digital services. Yet building the right infrastructure to support wireless access brings technical and security challenges. GBM simplifies the journey, with a dedicated team of certified Design and Field specialists, as well as the ability to deliver end-to-end solutions – from analysis of your business needs, to implementation and support.

    With our complete wireless and mobility solutions, your organization can:

    • Enable staff to work wirelessly with real-time wireless access to core business applications from their devices and enterprise-class connection security
    • Maintain industry-leading security, on-premises and remotely, with centralized management of firewall, IPS and access control capabilities
    • Easily manage role-based access to network resources for users based on identity, role and location
    • Manage your company assets across locations with RFID and unified asset visibility solutions
    • Work and video-conference flexibly, anywhere, on a range of devices via the latest 802.11 standards

    Imagine your teams could keep working together on the same data and applications, even when visiting different locations. Or directly control digital assets in retail, healthcare, manufacturing, education or other premises, enabling new forms of location-based experiences and management efficiencies. GBM has the technical expertise and solutions to realize the potential of wireless.

  • Network Automation, Analytics and Management

    Regain control and realize the modern network’s full value through automation, analytics and the creation of a smarter intent-based network.

    The network is no longer just a collection of devices. In the digitally transformed business, network data and device connections are growing so rapidly that management costs are skyrocketing past the cost of the network itself. The problem is manual network changes, which require error-prone human intervention every time the network grows, or business goals change. Only through automation and analytics, and the creation of a smarter intent-based network, can you regain control and realize the modern network’s full value.

    GBM’s end-to-end network automation, analytics and management solutions enable you to:

    • Increase focus on innovation with teams spend less time on network management and more time on high-value work
    • Increase agility with the ability to rapidly change the network to meet new business needs
    • Reduce risk and downtime with automation that minimizes errors and provides continuous regulatory and policy compliance

    Whether you need to design a network that fully meets your access, quality of service, security and compliance needs, or you want to improve efficiency through network automation, or you want to use analytics to continually optimize your network, GBM has the knowhow and technologies to support your goals and provide the complete solution.

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