Cloud Advisory Services

Consulting services to guide you on building the optimal infrastructure solution for your needs

Having the right cloud strategy, and making the right decisions on cloud infrastructure and workloads, are vital to keeping your business competitive. If you need guidance on any cloud-centric decision, GBM’s experienced team of cloud computing experts are here to provide independent advice and tailored, end-to-end solutions.

We offer a comprehensive range of consulting services designed to help you assess your existing environments, select the best infrastructure for the next stage of your digital transformation, identify workloads that could run better in the cloud, and optimize your cloud mix for maximum efficiency.

  • Cloud Readiness Assessment

    Designed to help our customers visualize and plan their journey to cloud, this assessment service methodically address the challenges of cloud computing adoption.

    The service begins with assessing the existing workloads running in the datacenter  and the viability of migrating these to cloud-based services, across multiple dimensions of business criticality, sensitivity of data, technical viability, and efforts required for the transformation.

    The service engagement further proceeds through the planning, design and transition of viable services.

    Based on our methodology, this Readiness Assessment would provide:

    1. Rapid determination of the suitability of Cloud for the business and possible use cases, through the Accelerate methodology and current state reviews
    2. Formation of Cloud strategy, proving insight into the potential benefits and downsides of adopting cloud services,
    3. What form of Cloud services are most suitable to the business’ requirements, and when would be an appropriate time to migrate to them
    4. Insight into issues that need to be addressed by the business in order to migrate successfully
    5. Validation of requirements by professional consultants who works with multiple Cloud vendors
    6. Insight into the bigger picture in terms of the readiness of the business to adopt Cloud, with focus on existing business and ITSM processes

    The Cloud Readiness Assessment is suitable for businesses beginning their journey to the Cloud, or for those businesses who wish to re-assess the environment prior to tackling their more complex services and applications.

  • Infrastructure Assessment

    Migrating workloads to public cloud can deliver significant cost-savings and improved economics – but only if you properly understand your sizing requirements, and select the right services to meet them efficiently. To do so, you must gain a clear picture of your current infrastructure and how it is utilized. GBM’s cloud advisory team can help you map and optimize your infrastructure, so you can migrate to cost-efficient public cloud platforms that fit your workloads.

    We can help your organization:

    • Optimize traditional and cloud infrastructure with tool-based discovery that reveals your true requirements
    • Select best-fit public cloud services with recommendations based on assessment of your business goals and workloads
    • Digitally transform with confidence with independent advice from GBM’s cloud experts

    GBM’s experience and consultation services reveal valuable insights, which help you address issues such as under-utilization of your datacenter – so you can get more from your infrastructure, without the need to scale up or out. If you want optimal value from on-premises IT and public cloud, we can help you plan for an environment with just the right resources for your needs.

  • Application Assessment

    The software stack is a complex web of interdependencies, and this makes migrating workloads to the cloud challenging. It’s rarely possible to migrate everything in one step – so it’s vital to know which workloads can be migrated first, without breaking a dependency on another application and bringing your operations to a halt. GBM can help you map your entire environment and prepare an efficient migration without disruption.

    Our highly experienced team can help your organization:

    • Discover everything in your environment, with proven tools that reveal opportunities to modernize and optimize
    • Assess application dependencies and workload clustering, enabling you to plan risk-free migrations
    • Migrate workloads to cloud with confidence while maintaining IT availability

    If you are planning a digital transformation journey that will take you to public or hybrid cloud, now is the moment to carefully assess your environment. With GBM, you can reveal issues and opportunities before they are missed – and make the path to cloud success much smoother.

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