Application Modernization

Develop, run and maintain your applications more easily

Create new business value from your existing applications, with expert guidance and partnership to modernize your software and environments. GBM can help you develop, run and maintain your applications more easily, by leveraging innovative new approaches such as containerization with Docker or Kubernetes, platform as a service (PaaS), and microservice-based architectures.Whether you are creating software for private, public or hybrid cloud, GBM offers complete services to enhance your development practices, automate deployment, and enable applications to run anywhere and at any scale.
  • Professional Services

    Modernize and simplify the entire business application lifecycle, with professional services that guide you to leveraging industry-leading platforms as a service (PaaS). At GBM, we can help you modernize everything from web apps to enterprise applications, as well as the infrastructure and development tools beneath them, in a simple, scalable and efficient cloud environment.

    GBM’s professional application modernization services enable you to:

    • Adopt the right-fit PaaS platform with consultation to choose from major offerings such as IBM Cloud, Openshift and Apprenda
    • Reduce cost and complexity, by running your own PaaS infrastructure that removes the need for many software licenses
    • Build your own PaaS environments with Docker and Kubernetes on public cloud platforms

    As well as providing everything you need to develop, run and maintain your software in the cloud, GBM’s modern PaaS solutions can integrate business intelligence (BI) and analytics. So, if you need to analyze data from your cloud applications, reveal valuable insights and make faster, smarter business decisions, GBM’s comprehensive services can take you there.

  • Application Refactoring

    The business advantages of digital transformation can only be realized when applications are built to capitalize on it. Legacy software may still run in the cloud ecosystem, but in order to leverage modern approaches such as containerization, microservices and continuous integration, you need a modern stack of applications and development tools.

    GBM can partner with you to refactor and rebuild your applications as cloud-native software that meet your current and future goals. Our comprehensive services can help you:

    • Optimize cloud resources with containerization, enabling each application to run in a small and secure ‘container’ rather than a resource-hungry virtual machine
    • Enhance development and maintenance with a microservices-based approach that splits applications into efficient, scalable and reusable modules
    • Take full advantage of cloud by embracing cloud-native development

    If your legacy application stack is struggling to keep up with the data demands of today’s cloud apps and services, GBM’s refactoring services can improve availability and establish the right foundation for continuous improvement.

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Application Modernization