Hybrid and Private Cloud

Tap the advantages of the cloud while maintaining control of your environment

Organizations that digitally transform with hybrid or private cloud can react to new innovations with greater agility, scale operations efficiently, and deliver better experiences to customers and users. Unlike public cloud, with hybrid and private cloud deployment you also benefit from the physical control, security and reliability of your own single-tenant, dedicated environment.

GBM offers partnership and professional services to smooth your transformation to private or hybrid cloud, tailored around your current stage of digital maturity. We can help you assess all the options for deploying and managing a private cloud, on a build-and-deploy model or as-a-service model. GBM also offers complete services to integrate your existing storage and preferred hypervisors, guiding you to becoming a digital-first business.

  • Professional Services

    The right private or hybrid cloud implementation needs to meet your strategic goals, overcome technical challenges, and transform your organization into a successful digital-first business. When you partner with GBM, you can use proven, best-practice processes to deploy industry-leading private or hybrid cloud infrastructure – all tailored to your needs.

    GBM’s professional private and hybrid cloud deployment services can help you:

    • Focus on innovation, not technical issues, thanks to comprehensive services in building, integrating and deploying infrastructure
    • Utilize industry-leading technologies with independent, expert advice to select from major platforms including Openstack, Cloudforms, VMware vRealize and Microsoft Azure Pack
    • Be ready for the future with ongoing partnership to take you from small deployments to large-scale hybrid clouds as your enterprise grows

    We can help you with a huge range of challenges. If your organization needs to make applications and data more portable, GBM can help you deploy and optimize a Platform as a Service solution (PaaS) solution to allow you to make your workloads to be packaged in contaires, and deployed in an agile cloud native manner. We can also help you deploy the right hybrid infrastructure to enhance your analytics insights by integrating public cloud data and on-premises data. It’s all about your goals, and GBM has the expertise to help you meet them.

  • Private Cloud as a Service

    Combine the utility-like simplicity of managed public cloud with the security of private cloud, with a private cloud as a service solution from GBM. With private cloud as a service, you can run a private cloud environment at your own data center, or an external hosting site, without making a significant capital expenditure. Your private cloud is managed for you, and rates are comparable with leading public cloud vendors.

    Private cloud as a service from GBM enables you to:

    • Digitally transform with confidence thanks to GBM’s comprehensive managed service and support
    • Keep cloud data and applications more secure in your own private cloud
    • Save on cloud infrastructure costs with a private cloud that is priced and managed like public cloud

    Imagine you want to modernize your software stack, with cloud-native and containerized applications that improve IT resource efficiency, within a private cloud that is resilient enough to handle growing workloads and unplanned demand spikes. GBM’s private cloud as a service solutions can help you meet all these challenges and more.

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Hybrid and Private Cloud