Migration Services

Migrate workloads quickly and cost-efficiently

Migrating critical workloads to cloud, or from legacy systems such as UNIX to modern environments, can help you increase business agility, reduce costs, scale more easily and adopt new innovations faster. Yet the migration itself requires expertise and careful planning. GBM’s experienced team can help you identify the best-fit cloud infrastructure to move your workloads to – whether public, private or hybrid cloud – and seamlessly migrate workloads from any source.With GBM, you have a partner for the complete journey. We can help you migrate workloads quickly and cost-efficiently, with efficient tools, streamlined processes and time-saving automation.
  • Public Cloud Migration

    Bridge the gap in your digital transformation journey between building your cloud infrastructure and actually running your digital business. GBM’s expert cloud migration team makes moving workloads to cloud painless, efficient and risk-free, to streamline cloud adoption.

    Whether you are moving workloads from a traditional on-premises data center to public cloud, or take full advantage of your software-defined hybrid cloud infrastructure, we can help you:

    • Plan your migration strategy to ensure critical data and applications are kept secure and your cloud transition is seamless
    • Migrate with confidence using standardized tools and processes and our team’s extensive cloud knowhow
    • Optimize your cloud with independent advice on the best-fit multi-cloud services from major platforms

    If you are taking your first steps towards digital transformation, GBM can be your partner in overcoming technical migration challenges. Or, if you’ve started the journey and are ready to become a cloud-native organization, we can streamline workload migrations to get you up and running faster, and more cost-effectively.

  • Re-platforming services

    Not every workload is ready for migration to cloud, but with GBM it soon can be. The vast majority of cloud infrastructures run on Linux, the open-source operating system, and x86-based system architecture. However, legacy business applications and databases that were built for UNIX systems, including Solaris, HPUX and AIX, must be re-platformed before they can run in the cloud.

    GBM offers complete re-platforming services to support your journey to cloud, so you can:

    • Easily migrate complex databases such as Oracle, with proven tools and automated processes
    • Simplify migration away from UNIX systems, so you can take advantage of the cost-efficiency, scalability and wider software choices of x86
    • Re-platform critical data without risk, with pre-testing of re-platforming processes in a sandbox environment

    Whether you are digitally transforming your UNIX data center into a hybrid cloud environment or taking advantage of the scale and simplicity of public cloud by migrating legacy workloads, GBM has the experience and trusted methods to help you prepare with confidence.

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Migration Services