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Cloud computing benefits, such as simpler management, scalability and efficiencies are waiting at the end of a long and challenging journey to digital transformation. GBM’s expertise and professional cloud services make this journey simpler and successful outcomes certain.Our experienced cloud services team is here to help you build, deploy and integrate cloud infrastructure that meets your unique business goals.

Utilizing technologies and services from our expansive list of industry-leading partners, your organization can join the cutting edge of cloud, without the difficulties of designing and building the right infrastructure – and with expert support to run it.

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Public Cloud Services


For organizations that want the benefits of cloud computing, such as instant scale and the ability to choose from a huge range of managed services and applications, public cloud offers simplified setup and utility-like pricing. Whether you prefer to integrate public cloud within your hybrid IT infrastructure, or access public cloud services directly, GBM can help you select the right providers and use them optimally.

Whether you want to run or test a few applications in the cloud, become better-prepared for demand spikes by gaining the ability scale large workloads to cloud, or take advantage of low-cost cloud storage and processing, GBM can guide you every step of the way.

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    Take the next step in your digital transformation, running workloads in public cloud alongside traditional infrastructure or building a hybrid cloud

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    Get the best from major cloud platforms including IBM, Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure

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    Make public cloud simple, with expert running and setup support

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