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Audio Visual & Smart Systems

Integrated solutions for guest room management (GRMS), meeting and conference rooms, digital signage & video walls, interactive TV & IPTV, public address systems and beyond


Smart systems and new audio-visual experiences are helping organizations to become more customer-centric, increase understanding of customer needs, and deliver better services. From hospitality, where A/V is making experiences richer and more intuitive, to customer experience (CX) rooms that reveal hidden customer insights, opportunities to build competitive advantage are endless.

GBM is at the leading edge of A/V and smart systems, offering end-to-end solutions that guide you through requirement analysis, design, implementation and support. With an expert team and relationships with major manufacturers, we can integrate solutions for guest room management (GRMS), meeting and conference rooms, digital signage and video walls, interactive TV and IPTV, public address systems and beyond.

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Customer Experience Center Solutions


Giving customers an unforgettable experience is a powerful way to gain their trust and their business. With a purpose-built customer experience center (CEC), you can control the way customers engage with your solutions and show them spectacular hands-on demonstrations in an optimal setting. GBM can help you design and build a CEC or executive briefing center that leverages leading technologies to delight customers and make sharing information with them easier.

Whether your goal is to attract new prospects, increase sales conversions, or build stronger relationships, GBM is ready to help you build an inspiring customer experience center that takes the customer experience to the next level.

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    Stage unforgettable customer meetings and presentations, in person and remotely, with a purpose-built CEC designed to exceed their expectations and present your business as a leader in your field

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    Streamline and enhance experiences with simple and intuitive systems for booking visits, providing hands-on demonstrations, sharing powerful digital content and more

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    Overcome challenges to creating a CEC with GBM’s technology integration expertise, which enables you to leverage AR and VR, visualization labs, room booking systems, immersive audio-visual features and more

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