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Leverage comprehensive data integration to optimize application performance and user experience.


The push towards observability within IT operations management stems from organizations' aspirations to minimize downtime, support operational security, and enhance experiences for customers, digital platforms, and employees.

This imperative is underscored by the critical role that software often plays in driving an organization's revenue. In the realm of IT operations, the complexity and dynamism of infrastructure have surged due to the proliferation of distributed systems, multi-cloud strategies, cloud-native development, edge computing, and the ever-growing emphasis on security. For software developers and DevOps teams, gaining insights into the real-time behaviour of their applications in production and development settings is key. This knowledge not only facilitates efficient troubleshooting but also accelerates the delivery of higher-quality code and applications, thereby reducing time to market.

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Digital Experience Monitoring


The difficulty faced by technology teams in delivering the digital experiences expected by customers lies in the vast and complex web of modern application interactions. These span from the user's browser or device through various networks—be it home, cellular, private, or public—extending to third-party APIs or SaaS services, and reaching into the cloud infrastructures that support the application.

The use of numerous monitoring tools to maintain real-time performance visibility across these diverse domains introduces a significant challenge. This piecemeal strategy hampers the ability to gain a comprehensive view of the customer experience, making the task of ensuring seamless digital interactions arduous, time-intensive, and sometimes unattainable. As a result, identifying and diagnosing performance issues when they arise becomes a daunting task, often leaving teams in the dark about the problem's impact on the end-user experience.

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