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Plan, design, build, support and manage a data center that meets your greatest challenges


The data center is the heart of the digital business. When the data center is healthy, your organization works confidently towards its objectives. When it encounters a problem, critical business issues ensue. GBM understands that data center availability and reliability are vital to your success, and we have become a Gulf market leader in providing critical data center facility solutions. Over 100 sites depend on our end-to-end partnership.

GBM’s highly experienced engineers are certified in global standards, while our partnerships with global technology leaders including enable us to deliver dependable innovation at any scale. We can help you plan, design, build, support and manage a data center that meets your greatest challenges.

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Facility Preparation, Racking & Connectivity


Create the optimal environment for a reliable, space-efficient new data center. GBM provides everything you need to ready your facility for smooth installation of digital infrastructure, with complete preparation, racking and connectivity solutions.

Data center hardware is more reliable and easier to manage when your facility is designed and prepared using industry best practices. GBM is the partner to ensure your critical infrastructure has the right foundation. GBM can also support you to

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    Design and build the right environment, including decoration and raised flooring

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    Organize your data center with enterprise-grade racking, power distribution units (PDUs), cable containment systems and aisle containment systems

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    Maintain data center health with environmental monitoring systems that alert you to potential risks and Integrate component connectivity with fiber & copper structural cabling systems.

  • Facility Preparation, Racking & Connectivity
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  • Portable Modular Data Center Solutions
  • Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM)
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