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Software Defined Data Center

Simplify and modernize your digital infrastructure with software-defined data center solutions


Simplify and modernize digital infrastructure with software-defined data center solutions. Faster deployment, centralized management and easy scalability are the key takeaways SDDC can offer. GBM can help you transform your data center, with comprehensive SDDC solutions that are standardized, secured, scalable, automated, and highly resilient. The days of silo and costly infrastructure, which were individually managed, are over.

How is SDDC transforming businesses? Infrastructure is virtualized and delivered as a service, making all kinds of equipment work together. Data center management is automated for greater efficiency. Virtualization is extended to every data center resource and service, simplifying management even further. SDDC can also drive dramatic savings in capital and operation expenditure. With GBM as your digital infrastructure partner, you can implement an SDDC solution that enhances performance and reliability, saves you time, and gets you ready for the future.

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Hyperconverged Infrastructure


Find the fastest and simplest route to digital transformation. GBM offers the best-in-class hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) solutions from leading vendors, engineered for mission-critical workloads and cloud capabilities. HCI combines storage, networking and compute in a single appliance. Deployment takes minutes, management is simple, and scaling your data center is as easy as connecting another node.

The simple, “pay as you grow” scalability of hyperconverged solutions means you don’t have to replace existing infrastructure. As you add nodes and scale out, new storage and compute resources are automatically virtualized and pooled to handle bigger workloads. GBM can help you plan, deploy and manage your complete HCI solution, every step of the way.

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    Conquer challenging workloads such as AI, cognitive analytics and open source databases (OSDB), with a high-performance enterprise

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    Simplify everything by reducing dependence on scarce IT management skills, scaling out with a click, and having the ease of a public cloud experience in your private data center.

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    Transform at your own pace, deploying with a few HCI nodes and scaling incrementally

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