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Simplicity is one of many benefits offered by cloud computing, but migrating to cloud is not simple. Only when you understand the cloud-readiness of your infrastructure and workloads can you plan the right cloud strategy. Only when you’ve assessed the many routes to public, private or hybrid cloud can you make the right investment. And only with specialist skills can you smoothly and securely migrate workloads to cloud, or deploy your own cloud solutions.

GBM can partner with you at every step of this journey, with a complete portfolio of services that help you master cloud. We have supported many of the region’s leading businesses in their digital transformation journeys. We also offer unrivalled knowledge of, and partnerships within, the local cloud computing market. We can help you take your next step towards cloud with total confidence.

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Infrastructure Assessment


Is your digital infrastructure truly ready to support a smooth, valuable and risk-free transition to cloud? While many service providers are offering compelling benefits in order to win your business, there is much to consider before you commit to cloud. How will your infrastructure cope with increased data transfer requirements? Where does cloud fit into your disaster recovery strategy? Are your workloads ready for cloud, and how will you migrate them? Only with a thorough, independent assessment of your infrastructure can you answer questions like these, and GBM has the expertise and knowledge of regional needs to conduct it.

With GBM, modernizing your infrastructure to prepare for cloud doesn’t have to involve guesswork, risk or ineffective solutions. With our complete range of assessment, optimization and planning services, you have verified knowledge that will take your business forward.

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    Know your cloud strengths and weaknesses with a holistic view of the current infrastructure and its maturity level

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    Testing to reveal hidden challenges such as scalability issues, disaster recovery needs, the impact of demand spikes, problematic workloads, and ensuring your on-premises resources map to cloud resources.

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    Build the right infrastructure transformation strategy, mapped to your business goals and workloads

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