End-user & Mobility Services

All the resources you need to maximize end-user productivity.

When IT services are able to support end-users to work smarter and more flexibly, businesses can drive significant productivity and innovation gains. Of course, it isn’t always easy to digitally transform into a user-centric organization – but with GBM’s comprehensive portfolio of managed services, you can tailor a suite of new capabilities to empower your staff while keeping costs under control.

With our locally-based team of professionals, highly experienced in serving Middle East businesses, you can help end-users resolve IT issues faster with incredible service desk, remote support, enable mobile and bring-your-own-device (BYOD) working while keeping your network secure, improve your teams’ overall satisfaction with IT systems, and much more. With GBM end-user and mobility services, you have all the resources you need to maximize end-user productivity.

  • Service Desk

    Resolve IT issues faster, prevent disruptions to daily business and receive truly local support, with the GBM Service Desk. Designed to meet the needs of GCC organizations, the GBM Service Desk provides a single point of contact for all of your IT support incidents – and is available 24/7, in multiple languages, with end-to-end case management.

    With the GBM Service Desk as part of your team, your organization can:

    • Resolve IT issues faster with a dynamic combination of automated self-help resources and help from professional support agents
    • Increase IT user satisfaction. IT incidents all the way to resolution by a locally-based expert, following best-practice methods and meeting agreed SLAs
    • Increase productivity by reducing the downtime that results from unresolved IT incidents

    With the GCC’s leading IT solutions provider as your service desk partner, you can access expert skills, proven tools and processes, and the experience that comes from having a large regional client base and major technology vendor alliances. With GBM Service Desk it’s all just a call away, at any time of day

  • End-user Services

    Your organization’s end-users, or teams, need ultra-reliable and easy-to-use IT that enables them to work to their full capacity. When IT fails the end-user, there is a hit to productivity that can impact your entire business. GBM offers a complete portfolio of services designed specifically to maximize end-user productivity, built on an integrated set of industry-leading tools, skills and processes.

    With services including remote desktop support, service request fulfilment, patch management, software distribution, asset management, procedural documentation and managed operating environments (MOE), we can help your business:

    • Increase productivity with the right mix of services to address and resolve your IT downtime issues
    • Improve and control service levels with SLA-driven services that meet ITIL V3 practices and enable you to monitor performance via dashboards and monthly reports
    • Enhance business performance by resolving costly issues faster and enhancing end-user satisfaction, which can lead to revenue and profit advantages

    When time is money for your business, GBM end-user services ensure IT is always ready to support your teams’ productivity and deliver maximum value.

  • Mobility Services

    Mobility initiatives such as bring your own device (BYOD) and use of smart devices are proven to boost productivity and flexibility. However, they also introduce complex security and IT management challenges. Mobile devices are a top target for cybercriminals and could represent a threat to your network. Deploying, updating and fixing software on a wide range of OSes also presents a costly challenge. And what happens to the critical data on devices that are stolen from your employees?

    GBM understands these challenges, and we have created a complete set of mobile device management services to give your business peace of mind and control the risks of mobility initiatives. We can help your business:

    • Secure your mobile devices and software, keeping everything up to date with the latest patches, quickly addressing vulnerabilities and enforcing industry best-practices
    • Simplify mobile device management with standardized, single-console access to all devices
    • Protect against device loss or theft with robust anti-theft processes and systems

    If you want to make the most of mobility, without adding risk and costly administrative burden, GBM mobility services can ensure your solutions are secure, easy to manage and highly cost-efficient.

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