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Ensure your IT infrastructure meets your biggest challenges

As the data center becomes more complex, and more vital to an organization’s success, businesses also need more expertise to manage it effectively – and the skills required may not be available in-house. That’s why in the Middle East, spending on services is growing faster than any other kind of IT and accounts for nearly a quarter of the IT market.

From the servers, storage and networking that make up the core of your infrastructure, to your databases, backup and communications, GBM services can help you manage every part of your data center. With our extensive local knowledge and client base, complemented by partnerships with global technology leaders, we have the expertise to ensure your data center meets your biggest challenges.

  • Server and System Management

    Servers and storage are at the heart of the digital business, powering mission-critical workloads and providing services your teams cannot work without. When servers and storage fail, or perform below their best, it can damage your entire business. That’s why it’s vital to protect the stability, security and performance of this key infrastructure.

    GBM offers a complete portfolio of server and storage management services, built on years of success supporting the region’s leading organizations. We can help you:

    • Fully protect your server and storage investment with services including system and database administration, software support, virtualized and software-defined storage support, production batch operations, and hardware maintenance and refreshes.
    • Increase server and backup ROI by reducing in-house management effort and costs, resolving issues faster and preventing downtime
    • Stay at the cutting edge with expert support to implement new technologies and product updates without disrupting your business

    Whether you need to optimize your server and storage availability, security, disaster recovery strategies, virtualization, or day-to-day operations, GBM can ease the burden on your teams, fix critical issues, and ensure IT is meeting your business needs.

  • Data Network Management

    Modern applications, digital transformation and the shift to cloud are placing greater demands on the IT network. Legacy network architectures are struggling to handle new enterprise workloads. Multi-cloud approaches are bringing new network management challenges. And the flexibility of software-defined networking (SDN) is driving many businesses to transform their networks, to gain greater yet simpler control.

    Meeting these challenges requires specialist knowledge and experience. Who can support you to maximize your network’s value? With expertise built on successful partnerships with many of the region’s leading enterprises, GBM services can help you:

    • Meet demanding service levels including 99.95% availability and disaster recovery objectives
    • Deploy agile, future-ready network infrastructure based on industry-standard spine-and-leaf topology
    • Embrace hybrid cloud at your own pace with a network designed for cloud connectivity

    Whether you’re migrating workloads to the cloud and need the right connectivity, or you’re dealing with network failures, GBM offers expert management services for your LAN, WAN, software-defined network and firewalls.

  • Voice Network Services

    Every business relies on its telephone system every day, in call centers, customer lines, voicemail and much more. Yet at many organizations, telephony technologies have not evolved as rapidly as IT and digital systems – and so opportunities for better communication and greater efficiency are being missed. At GBM we understand the importance of voice calls, and we have the expertise and services to help you get more value from them.

    Whether you are still using traditional phones, or have implemented PBX or Voice over IP (VoIP) telephony, our services can help you:

    • Control costs by efficiently managing your systems for you, reducing downtime, providing new technologies such as PBX, VoIP and call processing
    • Improve reliability with proactive monitoring of your system and preventive maintenance
    • Offer better experiences with the latest solutions for your call center and office lines, faster onboarding of new users, and rapid deployment by our expert team

    However advanced your telephone systems are, GBM can help you identify opportunities to increase their value and manage everything for you.

  • Storage and Backup Management

    If data is the 21st Century’s most valuable resource, then what effect would a storage disaster have on your business? You might lose essential company knowledge, customer information, unique content, or system data that your IT systems can’t run without. That’s why effectively managed backup management is essential to your disaster recovery strategy.

    GBM has the service portfolio, technology partnerships and local knowledge to fully protect your valuable data. We can help you:

    • Quickly restore data after data loss incident, with off-site replication that protects you even in the case of a major system failure or damage to your premises
    • Achieve demanding service levels including recovery point objectives (RPO) and recovery time objectives (RTO) to reduce downtime
    • Control the costs of effective backup with efficient, expert services that respond to incidents quickly and ease management burden on your teams

    If you are spending too much time on day-to-day management of your backup systems, or you are concerned about data loss and the quality of your existing backup solution, GBM can quickly understand your requirements and provide all the services you need.

  • Security Services

    Protecting your mission-critical infrastructure against the increasing risk of cyber attacks has become a complex task.  GBM’s IT infrastructure security services ensure the security of your full infrastructure environment, both on-premise and on the cloud.

    Our team of experts will help identify vulnerabilities, improving security and compliance of your IT environment. Ensure that the enterprise data and users are secure by providing :

    • 24 x 7 Proactive Monitoring of your environment to ensure we catch intrusions and issues early
    • Management and Configuration of the security environment to minimize risks and safeguard your infrastructure
    • Improved security profile by implementing and managing your Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware Authentication and Access Control and System Integrity Control

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