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Reliable and comprehensive security is at the foundation of effective business IT. Without the right security strategy, your data, your business and your customers are all at risk from cyberthreats and simple human errors and product failures. As threats keep growing, building and managing the right security solution has become a difficult and costly challenge. You need the right partner to manage security for you, so your business and customers have the right level of protection.

As the GCC’s leading solution integrator, GBM has alliances with global security leaders, a team of over 1,400 top professionals, and the experience of having partnered with over 2,000 customers. From helping you meet compliance goals, to orchestrating security incident responses, to protecting your infrastructure, we have the services you need. And we tailor your managed security services in a way that boosts cost-efficiency, leverages new innovations and increases your peace of mind.

  • Compliance and Regulatory Management

    Data sovereignty regulations, both in the Middle East and globally, are becoming more stringent and challenging to meet. Compliance with the latest security standards is a key goal for organizations of all sizes, who need to protect customer trust and avoid legal penalties. The way your business processes and stores data, using IT systems, is key to meeting compliance goals – but to meet these growing challenges, it helps to have the right services and a partner who understands your needs and the local environment.

    With deep knowledge of regional data sovereignty laws, local security standards such as NESA, and the technologies to help you integrate and automate compliance systems, GBM can help you:

    • Meet security compliance and governance requirements with a complete range of managed services delivered by locally-based professionals
    • Implement up-to-date local standards including NESA, ADSIC and ISO 27001
    • Respond faster to compliance audit requests by using best-practice security policies and controls

    If your business is facing security compliance challenges, GBM can help you meet them efficiently with services that reduce the burden on your internal teams.

  • Assessment and Response

    How effective are your organization’s security controls? Are you ready for the threats you really face, and the impact of a successful cyberattack on your business? With assessment and response services from GBM, you can identify security risks, gain a detailed evaluation of your digital security, and know the steps you need to take to protect your business.

    Our comprehensive service portfolio and experienced local security team can help you:

    • Identify threat sources and events that pose the biggest risk to your business, IT and data
    • Enhance your security controls by assessing and addressing existing vulnerabilities
    • Make the right security investments based on detailed assessment of the likelihood of a successful attack and the business impact of a data breach

    If you need smart security insights that will help you align your security strategy with your real business needs, our knowledge and proven assessment process can guide you to greater resiliency.

  • Infrastructure Protection

    Digital infrastructure, including your servers, network and web applications, are the backbone of today’s businesses. A successful cyberattack on these systems can cripple the business, brining operations to a halt. GBM can help you protect them, with a comprehensive range of services that address vulnerabilities, prevent data loss and ready your employees to deal with a security incident effectively.

    Our highly-experienced, locally-based security services teams can empower your business to:

    • Strengthen your infrastructure with proven processes including penetration testing, which reveal security weaknesses and test your adherence to security policies and compliance requirements
    • Reduce the risk of human error leading to a data breach, with security awareness training for your employees
    • Prevent intrusion and data loss with efficient managed services that reduce burden on your teams

    Whether you are concerned about growing threats to your infrastructure, or you need to control the costs of infrastructure, or your infrastructure has been breached and you need to be better-prepared next time, GBM has the services you need to bolster your security.

  • Identity and Access Management

    A robust user identity and access management (IAM) system is a core building block of your digital security systems – it helps you keep out intruders and manager your employees’ digital rights and content efficiently. Yet as your network grows to include mobile and IoT devices, as well as cloud infrastructure, IAM solutions are becoming more complex and costlier too. Partnering with a specialized IAM services provider like GBM can help you simplify management and reduce spiraling costs.

    With unified solutions and expert remote management, we can help you take control of IAM and:

    • Expertly manage your users for you with smart policy design and enforcement, fast user provisioning and role management that fits your business structure
    • Secure your digital infrastructure with best-practice user authentication technology and password management
    • Improve efficiency and productivity with a single sign-in for each user across your applications, centralized management that provides total visibility, and services tailored to your compliance needs

    Whether you need simpler IAM that fits your hybrid cloud infrastructure, or you need deeper visibility into who is accessing your IT, or you need to enhance user security within your budget, GBM offers a complete range of services to fit your goals.

  • Security Intelligence and Analytics

    When a security event happens, such as an attempted cyberattack or network infection, the speed of your response is critical. The sooner you know what happened, the sooner you can re-secure your IT, respond to the attack, and prevent data loss before it impacts your customers and business. Only with cutting-edge security intelligence and analytics (SIEM) can you ensure your response is fast enough, and only with genuine security expertise can you gain that intelligence. GBM can partner with you to monitor your data, reveal rapid security analytics insights, and alert you to security risks, threats and attacks fast enough to minimize the damage.

    Our highly experienced, locally-based SIEM services teams can help you:

    • Be alert to real-time, 24×7 security insights, with analytics and monitoring of your diverse infrastructure nodes and devices
    • Respond faster to incidents with proactive monitoring that can support an orchestrated, automated security response
    • Meet security standards compliance goals with tailored reporting and administration services

    Greater security intelligence is the key to stronger, more effective and more cost-efficient digital security, and with GBM as your SIEM services partner you have the capabilities and technologies you need to protect your business.

  • Security Operations Center (SOC) Services

    Enterprises with a dedicated security operations center (SOC) have the benefit of one integrated security facility, with continuous threat monitoring and all the intelligence you need to detect and respond to attacks with agility. The SOC can also reduce costs, by centralizing security technologies and personnel in a single, efficient department. Yet designing, building and operating an SOC is prohibitively complex for most organizations – unless, that is, you have an expert SOC services partner.

    At GBM, our comprehensive SOC services portfolio is designed to meet the needs of GCC organizations. Built on best practices to fit local regulatory requirements, our SOC services can help you:

    • Establish a state-of-the-art SOC with design and build services by our highly experienced security professionals and technologies from our industry-leading partners
    • Run your SOC efficiently with end-to-end managed services that deliver guaranteed SLAs
    • Become a security leader, leveraging our team’s skills and experience to manage security incidents, device administration, policies and strategies

    Whether you need to expand your security capabilities, or you need to improve cost efficiency and service levels, GBM can design, build and run the right SOC for your business.

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