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Prepare your business for disruption


The risk of disruption to business is constantly increasing. Cyber attacks are more frequent and sophisticated, and natural disasters and human errors also offer risks. GBM can help you put your business continuity long term plan in place, proactively preparing processes and putting safety nets in place so that your business in better-equipped to handle disruption when it occurs. We also offer Disaster Recovery as a Service to (DRaaS) to support your business’ hybrid environment, from public cloud, private cloud and on-premises data centers.

With our local presence and position as one of the region’s leading IT integrators, we can make your Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery simpler, more reliable and more cost-effective, however large or small your business is.

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Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery as a Service


When servers fail or data is destroyed as a result of a natural disaster, product failure or human error, the impact on business can be huge. Operations are halted, money is wasted, irreplaceable knowledge is lost, and key relationships are damaged. An effective business continuity and disaster recovery (DR) strategy is the best way to ensure business continuity – but do you have the internal skills and resources to design and manage your own Business Continuity and Recovery solution? Many businesses are now choosing disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) solutions, which protect physical and virtual infrastructure and data with replication at an off-site location – as well as providing monitoring, management and recovery services by DR experts.

Whether your busy IT teams are spending too much time managing a complex backup environment, or you don’t have enough physical space to accommodate backup systems, or you are struggling to meet backup and recovery targets – GBM can help you make backup simple, scalable and more cost-efficient.

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    Recover faster with SLAs that significantly reduce your risk of unscheduled downtime and data loss

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    Keep your data safe with continuous replication to a secure off-site location, not just snapshots stored on-premises

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    Protect business continuity with resilient, pro-active systems that put processes in places for the long term, to help you be better prepared and recover from an incident fast, so you can keep working with minimal disruption and financial impact

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