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Building a more resilient cybersecurity system.

A Comprehensive Approach to Safeguarding Your Digital Assets

With a decade of expertise, our Cyber Defense Program is uniquely designed to be both holistic and vendor-agnostic. At its core are our cyber security services (MSS), fortified with advanced security analytics and proactive threat hunting.

We go beyond technology to augment your existing systems, maximizing your return on security investment and enhancing your overall security posture.

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Unified Identity & Access Governance


UIAG refers to the processes and methodologies that are used to ensure the right access to the right individuals across various information sources of an organization. This is a discipline that is fast emerging as a critical one on account of the increase in data security and compliance requirements by organizations. It encompasses a set of policies, procedures, and tools required to manage individual access rights, authentication, and privileges.

Our team works with organizations at every step of the UIAG journey from their vision to successful deployment and operational state. GBM Shield Unified Identity and Access Governance practice is equipped with multiple technologies and services to manage all type of identities that exists in the customer environment (like employees, contractors, consumers, administrators, vendors, machine identity, etc) covering the complete user identity and access governance journey. Additional benefits include Password & Session Security and Auditing - Focuses on the security of passwords and sessions, complemented by thorough auditing to maintain accountability and detect potential security breaches.

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    IAG Strategy & Assessment - A thorough examination of current Identity & Access Management encompasses a comprehensive review of existing technologies and processes, paving the way for a detailed roadmap that envisions future advancements and optimizations.

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    Identity Governance and Administration - Manages the entire spectrum of identity lifecycle, from creation to removal, ensuring proper access rights and compliance throughout.

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    Robust Authentication & Authorization - Implements strong authentication and authorization mechanisms to safeguard access to sensitive information and systems.

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