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GBM Shield Managed Security Services

Proactive cyber defense, around the clock monitoring.

Cybersecurity Assurance with GBM Shield

GBM Shield's Managed Security Services (MSS) serve as the backbone of your cybersecurity strategy, offering 24/7 protection against evolving cyber threats. Leveraging advanced security analytics and proactive threat hunting, our MSS not only detect but also identify potential vulnerabilities, ensuring your digital assets are continually safeguarded.

Additionally, we integrate seamlessly into your existing infrastructure, enhancing your security ROI and fortifying your organization's overall defense mechanisms.

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Managed Detection and Response


Introducing GBM's new advanced Cor. platform Empowering Precise Decisions with Deep Integration Cor. is a monumental shift for organizations, enabling them to achieve unprecedented insight and foresight in managing cybersecurity. By seamlessly integrating deep correlation across various data sources, including traditional security systems, Cor. empowers business leaders with the confidence to make informed decisions. Its three-layered structure harmonizes the enterprise landscape, enhancing event understanding, evaluation, and fidelity. Through advanced signal correlation, automation, and incident presentation, Cor. accelerates incident identification, resolution, and proactive threat mitigation, offering a comprehensive solution for today's cybersecurity challenges. Cor. Security Operation Our MDR services powered by Cor. platform connect and correlate signals from your cloud, on-premises, and SaaS environments providing 24x7 visibility across network, endpoints and Cloud. The use of hyper-automation within our Cor platform filters out irrelevant alerts and focus on what's crucial for your business — delivering rapid, precise, and transparent results.

Ready to transform your cybersecurity strategy with Cor.? Cor. by GBM is a first-of-its-kind MDR platform that redefines how organizations perceive and respond to threats. Its integrated dashboard and real-time visibility deliver round-the-clock monitoring of your networks, endpoints, and cloud environments, empowering your organization to swiftly detect, respond, and recover from cyber threats. The platform is vendor-agnostic, AI- powered, highly scalable, and utilizes automation to create organizational efficiencies. Overcoming Cybersecurity Complexity Today’s organizations face challenges far beyond the foundational need to have a 24x7 monitoring team, retain skills, and report incidents. Organizations today are confronted with multifaceted challenges that test the limits of the most advanced defenses. Deficiency in Narrative Development - Difficulty in connecting cybersecurity incidents to form a coherent storyline inhibits threat comprehension. Complexity of Disjointed Systems - Organizations struggle with managing disparate and outdated security systems, impeding effective data integration and analysis. Data Entrapped in Legacy Systems - Critical cybersecurity data remains confined within legacy platforms like SIEM and SOAR, limiting accessibility and hindering holistic threat assessment. Limitations in Actionable Insights - While improving automation and detection speed, existing tools often fall short in translating data into actionable intelligence for comprehensive threat comprehension.

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    Adaptive - Our service seamlessly integrates with your existing security infrastructure, regardless of whether it's SIEM, EDR, or other systems. Designed to be fully adaptable, it supports environments hosted in local data centers, the cloud, hyperscalers like MSFT, AWS, Google, or hybrid.

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    Bespoke - Tailored specifically to your industry, our MDR service factors your unique risk and maturity profile, as well as regional regulations. This ensures a personalized approach that aligns with your specific requirements.

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    Cyberdefense - Leveraging GBM's proprietary cyberdefense platform, Cor, which provides defense-grade cybersecurity. This enables the swift detection, investigation, and eradication of threats at machine speed, offering comprehensive protection tailored to every customer.

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