Monitoring Services

Quickly detect issues in your servers, storage, networking, infrastructure and software products.

Downtime and data loss are a major risk for today’s businesses, but digital infrastructure problems do not simply appear out of nowhere. The vast majority of critical IT incidents are preceded by smaller faults and warning signs that, if monitored and acted upon, can prevent a costly outage. At GBM, we use our systems integration expertise and partnerships with leading OEMs to tailor proactive monitoring solutions, which detect issues in your servers, storage, networking, infrastructure and software products. By catching early warning signs and remediating problems fast, you can stop issues turning into critical incidents.

With our monitoring services designed for your IT infrastructure and goals, your organization can:

  • Increase IT availability by detecting problems early so they can be remediated before they lead to downtime
  • Improve productivity by maintaining optimal health of your infrastructure and software stack
  • Make significant cost savings with a cost-effective solution that helps prevent hardware failure, data loss and their associated costs

For complex infrastructure and software environments that must be available 24×7, effective monitoring is the simplest and most proactive way to prevent incidents and outages. GBM can help you gain full visibility into the health of your digital systems, so you can focus on your business challenges.

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Monitoring Services