Multi-vendor Hardware Maintenance

Simplify your multi-vendor hardware maintenance.

Although software-defined infrastructure is making systems easier to manage, its ability to integrate hardware from multiple vendors can make maintenance more challenging. That’s because, when you’re running servers, networking and storage from a range of vendors in your data center, you need to work with a range of different support and maintenance processes too. With GBM, looking after multi-vendor hardware is much simpler. Our relationships with leading vendors and OEMs, as well as our local Gulf presence and in-house expertise, make GBM the ideal partner to support and maintain all of your equipment.

We can help you:

  • Meet every maintenance need with one call, by providing you with a single point of contact to access support for all your hardware
  • Achieve SLAs including high availability, faster issue resolution, fewer outages and reduced support costs across your multi-vendor environment

If your organization wants to simplify hardware maintenance, save time spent managing different vendors, and even reduce accountability issues between vendors when something goes wrong, GBM has the only solution you need.


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Multi-vendor Hardware Maintenance