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Put Your Applications on Autopilot with GBM AIOps Portfolio Solutions


The scale of IT systems and their complexity is continually increasing over the last few years because of digital transformation, containerization, and hybrid cloud adoption. To accelerate business automation, reduce complexity, save costs, and automate regular tasks, companies must use the power of AI.

With GBM AIOps portfolio solutions, you can accelerate your journey toward AI powered operations. You can use the portfolio solutions to set up an integrated, AI-driven platforms to pull, and analyze data from multiple IT tools to help with ITOps management. Solutions also help you uncover hidden insights from multiple sources of data, such as logs, metrics, and events.

In a nutshell, the GBM AIOps portfolio solutions facilitate the adoption of advanced AI for ITOps, thereby reducing operational costs. With this set of solutions, you can enhance customer satisfaction by proactively preventing incidents and accelerating resolution times.

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Infrastructure Management


GBM Infrastructure management solution delivers the insight, control, and automation enterprises need to address the challenges of managing virtual environments, which are far more complex than physical ones. This technology enables enterprises with existing virtual infrastructures to improve visibility and control, and those just starting virtualization deployments to build and operate a well-managed virtual infrastructure.

Managed services provide you with the capability to automate provisioning of infrastructure and virtual machine applications across multiple cloud environments with optional workflow orchestration. Infrastructure automation enables IT Operations and Site Reliability Engineer (SRE) teams to use infrastructure as code practices to drive IT velocity and shift to the left of operations.

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    Shorten the time that it takes to provision infrastructure (Kubernetes and VMs) across on-premises, private, and public clouds

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    Create repeatable templates for common infrastructure requests

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    Enable self-service catalogs to avoid manual responses to tickets and scale infrastructure automatically based on demand

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  • Application Resource Management
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