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Data analytics has evolved, placing it at the heart of decision-making processes at leading enterprises. Today’s analytics can not only describe what has happened and diagnose the root cause – but businesses can also use AI to predict the future and prescribe the right course of action.

GBM is the region’s only provider of complete, guided solutions that help you advance your use of artificial intelligence and analytics, exploiting recent advances in AI, high performance computing (HPC), machine learning (ML), and Generative AI. From integrating many sources of data into one trusted view of your business, to data science projects, to managing risk and compliance – we can help you reveal data insights that identify risks faster, apply rigorous know your customer (KYC) processes, and much more. GBM is your experienced partner in planning, deploying and maintaining the right approach to data analytics.

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Data Management


The amount of stored information grows four times faster than the world economy. Data management solutions from GBM seamlessly integrate massive volumes of data.

With leading technologies and knowhow, GBM offers end-to-end hybrid data management solutions that can help you:
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    Future-proof data management strategies, with modern platforms ready to handle huge data volumes and diverse data types

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    Be at the forefront of big data analytics, utilizing AI and machine learning to gain insight from all kinds of data

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    Overcome data sprawl by consolidating data silos in a cost-efficient data repositories enabling access anywhere

You can build a data warehouse on a lightning-fast platform that streamlines queries and quickens time to insight, build an enterprise-grade data lake that makes big data accessible across your organization, supporting data science projects, or go for the latest generation of a Data Lakehouse which enables you to scale analytics and AI with all your data, wherever it resides, through Open formats to access all your data through a single point of entry utilizing Generative AI-powered conversational interface to easily find, augment and visualize data and unlock new data insights.

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