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Digital Automation

Make your business smarter and more efficient.


To be a leader in the digital economy, you cannot afford to simply cope with digital transformation. You must optimize and automate business processes, develop software with greater agility, exploit APIs, make the most of enterprise content and increase efficiency everywhere – before your competitors do.

In this highly demanding environment, digital automation is the key building block of success. With innovative solutions such as our blockchain-powered digital business automation (DBA) offering, GBM can partner with you to make your whole business smarter and more efficient. Get ready to shorten time to market, minimize costs and improve processes, all with the reduced effort that automation brings.

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Business Process Automation, RPA & Automation Decision Services


Increase efficiency and agility, while also reducing errors and inconsistences in tasks and decision-making, with GBM’s business processes automation (BPA) and robotic process automation (RPA) solutions.

Whatever your unique challenges, GBM has the technologies and expertise to take you forward. If your business needs to track transactions at scale, for example, we can help you leverage blockchain to automate processes with extreme cost-efficiency and security.

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    Free employees from repetitive tasks, enabling them to focus on higher-value work

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    Increase productivity and consistency by optimizing business processes

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    Make better, faster decisions by capturing your business rules and using them to react with agility

  • Business Process Automation, RPA & Automation Decision Services
  • Content Services & Automation Document Processing
  • Operational Intelligence & Operational Excellence with Process Mining
  • API Management & Monetization
  • Event-Driven Architecture & Integration Architecture Modernization
  • DevOps
  • Test Automation and Service Virtualization