Sustainability and ESG are no longer buzzwords. Are you ready?

Public and private sector entities in the Middle East and North Africa have a growing interest in turning sustainability ambitions into reality. This interest has been further strengthened by the recently
completed COP27 event, in Egypt, and will be further deepened by COP28.

According to IDC’s Future Enterprise Resiliency and Spending Survey, Wave 4, from May 2022, over 70% of organizations with 10,000+ employees have net-zero carbon targets. However, as net-zero commitments become mainstream and focus shifts from forming targets to verifying the achievement of such targets, organizations will increasingly face credibility issues; for example,
some organizations may simply engage in greenwashing or make limited efforts to achieve netzero targets. Indeed, at COP27, participants advocated for more consistent environmental standards, greater accountability, and more openness and integrity in the implementation of energy transition plans.

Gulf Business Machines (GBM) help companies across the middle east design and build strategic sustainability road maps, and implement strategies using a host of IBM solutions among many other.  GBM further aids organizations in aligning internal processes and IT architecture with sustainability goals. Read our report today to understand how we can help you in your sustainability journey.

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