There has been an explosion on the number of advanced persistent attacks and the concerning fact is that a large portion of these attacks go undiscovered by traditional preventive security controls.

GBM Annual Security Report 2020 reveals that there has been a paradigm shift in the network traffic pattern, as the COVID-19 pandemic has increased the demand for Secure Access for distributed workforce – expanding the threat landscape.

84% of the organizations surveyed say that this year they are most concerned about threats such as phishing, business email compromise, and ransomware, which could make their way through unsecured end user systems.” GBM Annual Security Report 2020

Enterprises want to be able to build advanced incident response & threat hunting practices, however in reality the budget limitations, complexity of solutions & automation, as well as the skill gap act as huge barriers.

GBM created a self-evaluation tool for organizations with respect to Cyber Kill Chain where they can assess themselves on the risk spectrum and understand where exactly they need to start on their cyber security journey. With this self-evaluation tool, organizations are also able to discover all Cisco Security Solutions that offer advanced protection, detection and response & maps at various stages of Cyber Kill Chain.

“Security buyers often have dozens of different tools from multiple vendors, and generally have to use a fair amount of duct tape to get them to work together. This creates complexity, cost, and overhead.” – Mike Hanley, Chief Information Security Officer, Cisco

GBM Threat Hunting tool allows organizations to start their self-evaluation for their technical security controls to identify their effectiveness in the event of a cyber security incident. GBM has mapped Cisco Security solutions in order to provide insights on the value offerings from Cisco Security solutions at various stages of Cyber Kill chain.

Cyber Kill Chain

Cyber Kill Chain