GBM Webinars

GBM-hosted technology webinars give you a chance to learn about the latest technologies and evolving trends

Journey to Digital Transformation

Following on from GBM’s successful Digital Transformation summit in 2019 –Breaking the Digital Deadlock. We are proud to present our exciting actionable Journey to DX.

Being digital is no longer an option but a necessity for an organisations survival.  At GBM we have been working to ensure that we have a broad variety of offerings to enable the digital enterprise. In this session we will outline the opportunities and complex challenges facing many organisations today. We will also highlight our methods, tools and technologies that will help to successfully break the digital deadlock and become a digital native.



Journey to Enterprise Infrastructure

Will your company and it’s processes stay exactly the same during and after the virus?

Does this mean that the investment you have made in equipment and processes must be thrown away and you must start again?

In this Webinar, we at GBM think some of the traditional ways of doing business will change and No you don’t have to throw it away but it does need to be augmented. We will show you how.



Journey to Cloud

Cloud is not the future. It’s already here, and more businesses are finding that the sooner they adopt cloud technology, the better positioned they will be to compete in an increasingly brisk, aggressive marketplace. Companies that want to achieve the type of agility they need to succeed in today’s business climate migrate to Cloud while embracing a robust ecosystem of Cloud solutions.



Journey to AI

AI is the defining transformation technology of our time, yet successful adoption remains challenging. The reality is, AI is not magic. In order to turn AI aspirations into outcomes, organizations must embark on the journey to AI. This requires an understanding of well-defined use cases and starting points. Businesses that harness AI will become industry leaders. However, many businesses looking to accelerate their journey to AI must leverage data to support transformational insights.