Corporate Sustainability: IT Data Center is one of the key drivers


Samer Hashem

Systems Sales Manager

Success in the modern business world is no longer measured just by financial returns but also by how a company treats its employees and the environment. The growing concern and emphasis on ESG are driven by the growing environmental crisis, social problems, and the need for greater corporate governance. To meet these new expectations, many organizations are turning to sustainability analysis as a means of improving their performance.

Role of technology in enhancing ESG performance

Companies that rely heavily on technology have a higher carbon footprint due to emissions from data centres and other operations. Hence, developing a sustainable technology strategy should be every organization’s priority. Business leaders should consider technologies that will drive growth while also delivering environmental and social progress. This can be achieved through smart technology that helps companies not only to improve their operations but also reduce costs and be carbon neutral.

Tech giants like IBM are taking a lead in embracing ESG by adopting sustainability into their products. IBM’s recent launch of Power10 server provides significant improvements in terms of performance, computing power and energy consumption. These servers are paving the way for a more sustainable and flexible business based on a hybrid cloud.

IBM Power10 is a new way of thinking about Servers that helps organizations across industries to make better decisions, faster and more powerful solutions for big data analytics, predictive analytics, and business intelligence.—all while delivering environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance through a holistic approach that integrates smart technology with natural infrastructure so organizations can reduce their environmental footprint while maintaining existing TCO and financial goals.

Power10 helps your organization:

– Manage your workload more efficiently and effectively

– Avoid costly data centre upgrades

– Simplify your IT infrastructure with a single platform and infrastructure management

– Accelerate your business growth with smart data analytics

The IBM Power10 processor will help you achieve faster processing speeds by reducing the amount of hardware required when compared with other platforms. Power10 based systems will cut overall energy use by 33% which can reduce costs and carbon footprint for users.

IBM Power10 is a flagship example of how we can come up with a technology that works in favour of sustainability in all its aspects.

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