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IBM z16: Industry's First Quantum-Safe System with Real-time AI for Transaction Processing at Scale


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Today, our world is increasingly becoming digital. More than ever before, we rely on technology in our personal lives and also in business to gain a competitive advantage. However, one of the new realities of this rapidly changing digital world is that cyberattacks are becoming more complex; Distributed Denial of Service(DDoS) attacks involves billions of dollars, widespread disruption to critical infrastructure and business operations, a breach of customer trust and exposure of sensitive personal information, and even the theft of intellectual property.

To deal with these challenges, organizations must go beyond their transactional workloads with a focus on advanced analytics, cyber security, and business resilience. 

IBM has pioneered a new approach to solving these challenges by providing a flexible infrastructure that adapts to the ever-changing landscape while still meeting resiliency and compliance standards. The IBM z16 is the world’s first quantum-safe system that provides businesses with a fast, secure, and scalable solution for transaction processing at scale. It enables organizations to realize a new level of business agility and competitive advantage by helping them optimize operations and drive growth through intelligent application development on IBM Cloud Platforms across multiple industries. 

The most secure system available today!

It is designed to help organizations meet the demands of the digital economy with high-performance, security-rich computing. The z16 is the first IBM z Systems server to incorporate cognitive capabilities into its hardware and software, making it an ideal platform for AI applications. With its new capabilities, the z16 can help organizations defend against cyber threats, accelerate innovation, and drive insights from data. 

With the combination of Watson and QISKit, the z16 makes your data safer than ever and allows businesses to future-ready their applications and data, while retaining control of their systems. The IBM z16 provides a complete solution for enterprise customers with enhanced security features such as:

  • Quantum-Safe Security – Encryption with Quantum Key Distribution (QKD)
  • Real-Time AI – Automated Risk Management (ARM)
  • On-Premises vs Cloud – Hybrid Cloud Capability
  • Integration with Other IBM Products – including the Cloud Digital Supply Chain (CDSC)


IBM z16 is the gold standard in enterprise security, providing unparalleled protection for businesses and data. The Quantum-Safe Cryptography ensures that data is protected even against future quantum computers, while the Data Privacy Passport allows businesses to control who has access to their data. Pervasive Encryption means that all data on the IBM z16 is encrypted, making it impossible for hackers to access it. 

Data protection is a continuous process that must be performed with the implementation of a solution that can manage the complexity, risks, and growth of an enterprise. With the IBM z16, we can establish secure systems that can process complex transactional data in real-time and protect their data from the most sophisticated threats as well as manage some of the most advanced analytics using AI in ways that exceed human capabilities.

Sustainability in every aspect of the product lifecycle

For years, the z platform has been lauded for its efficiency and performance. But with the introduction of the z16, IBM has taken its commitment to sustainability to a whole new level. The z16 is one of the most energy-efficient and eco-friendly mainframes on the market providing the scalability, security, and efficiency needed to support growing data center demands. With the introduction of green computing and quantum-safe cryptography, the z platform is preparing customers to be secure while also being environmentally conscious. It’s an ideal choice for mission-critical applications that need to be up and running 24×7 and organizations looking to reduce their carbon footprint.

Accelerated AI

In order to support both traditional transactional and AI workloads, IBM z16 is powered by the Telum processor and an on-chip AI accelerator. It helps organizations accelerate their business processes and transform data centers with AI, accelerating transaction processing and delivering real-time insights. The AI accelerator on the chip offers extremely high performance and consistent low latency inferencing while still meeting stringent SLAs.

Modernization made easy across the hybrid cloud 

IBM’s new z16 system brings together all of its cloud technologies under one roof to help customers reduce costs, improve performance, and increase security across their hybrid cloud environment. IBM Z modernization makes it easy for developers to modernize applications without compromising security, scalability, and availability. With the modern DevOps stack, cloud modernization tools, languages, and programming paradigms, developers can connect with the cloud regardless of whether it’s on-premises or off-premises.

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