What is Workplace Integrity?


Haitham Ahmad Sartawi

Operations and Audit Manager

Integrity, in the simple definition is being honest and having strong moral principles. Integrity equals ethics and morals.

Maintaining integrity at work is vital for all work-forces – especially at higher levels – to create a positive work environment filled with ethics, honesty, reliability, and loyalty. If an employee practices integrity regularly by showing his honesty and trustworthiness, then he/she will surely gain respect and trust from other colleagues.

Warren Buffett said: “In looking for people to hire, look for three qualities: integrity, intelligence and energy. And if they don’t have the first, the other two will kill you

Integrity is the machine that drives you to the safety and will achieve the power and the ability to influence others by being trustworthy, dynamic, and motivational. This machine runs on an engine of tolerance, sacrifices, sincerity, dignity, benevolence, empathy and preference of public interest over the private, while its wheels are ethics and morality.

At GBM, integrity is our core. Our company has been engaged in this industry for 30 years in the region, in which it demonstrated great sense of loyalty to its customers and partners, stood by them in the most challenging and difficult times, especially in the latest Covid-19 pandemic. GBM has challenged the crisis with full energy and readiness by adding the loyalty in the sense of Business Continuity, and running a successful business with resiliency, agility, efficiency and flexibility. We continue having full compliance, integrity, and high ethics while being dynamic and creative of problem solving, and continuous improvement.

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