GBM TSS Support During COVID-19 Pandemic

GBM have been committed to serving our loyal customers over the past 30 years, and our commitment to supporting them during the COVID-19 pandemic remains unchanged.

GBM appreciate that the COVID-19 pandemic situation is continuing to evolve rapidly, and I wanted to offer an update on the measures that GBM have put in place to ensure both the safety and well-being of colleagues, as well as the continued delivery of excellent service.

GBM Business Continuity Actions

  • GBM Business Continuity Plans (BCP) have been implemented and are being regularly reviewed by our management teams, in line with official health guidance and government requirements. GBM’s response will continue to evolve to ensure we can support you, as we work through this unpredictable time.
  • GBM has restricted travel and where possible, our employees are working remotely. Our engineering and project teams, who at times are required to be on client sites, are being provided with every possible protection and are following all safety precautions.
  • GBM are working closely with our key vendors and supply chain partners, to ensure that any potential service disruptions are identified and mitigated, to assist with business continuity.

Please visit this page for the latest updates from GBM, as we strive to keep our customers and partners constantly informed.

How GBM Technical Support Services (TSS) Can Support You?

GBM understand that our customers maybe operating with a potentially depleted workforce, or a workforce which is now operating remotely.

TSS can provide a variety of HW and SW Services, which can help to alleviate the pressure caused by the pandemic and bring peace of mind to your business.

Below are several examples of these solutions;

1. Monitoring Solutions

TSS offer a range of highly secure, monitoring tools power by Artificial Intelligence (AI). These tools can be deployed across heterogeneous Datacenter environments. With the AI monitoring tools, GBM can deliver 24×7, continuous and automated discovery of faults as they occur or even predicatively, before any failure occurs.

By implementing a monitoring solution, you need not risk having your employees on site at your Datacenters. If a fault is identified, or predicted, GBM will inform you of the issue and agree a plan of action with you, to get you back up and running quicker.

These solutions can be augmented to existing GBM support contracts, or to any new HW support requirements.

2. Short Term Maintenance Cover

GBM understand that the current pandemic is impacting delivery time frames for new hardware, which will inevitably impact and cause delays to plans for hardware refresh.

We also understand that pandemic may affect the availability of resources and could be delaying HW migration activities – both of which may lead to critical HW running unsupported.

To assist with these challenges, TSS offer a range of short term maintenance support across a wide range of leading OEM’s to ensure that we can be there to get you back up and running as soon as possible, if you were to run into any issues, mitigating both downtime and business impact.

3. SW Supportline Services

During this period of unpredictability, it is inevitable that some of the usual SW skills and resources will not be available, or new demands will become apparent. GBM can assist here and have a team of highly skilled SW engineers who provide exceptional support across a wide range of industry leading SW vendors.

GBM Supportline is a service which provides customers with a focal point for many of the leading software vendors, covering products such as; operating systems, virtualization, as well as many licensed products.

GBM Supportline provides an unlimited number of support calls and remote engineering support, including incident and escalation management, remote defect diagnostics / resolution, assistance with information requests and “How to Questions”.

The GBM Supportline team are operating remotely, from a variety of locations to ensure that they can continue to deliver critical 24×7 to our customers.

4. On Site Spares

GBM are working with our vendors to ensure we maintain a healthy level of spare HW to deliver to our committed services.

Should you have a need to procure spares to hold on your sites, then GBM can assist with the procurement and delivery to site, of a wide range of spare HW (HDD’s, Tapes etc) and other ICT supplies.

Lets Talk

If you would like to discuss any of these value adding services, or any other requirements that you may have, please do not hesitate to contact your GBM account manager, or myself and we will arrange for a call with a local specialist.

Closing Thoughts

The health of our people and our ability to safely continue supporting our customers, are GBM’s primary objectives during this difficult time.

GBM and myself would like to take this opportunity to wish all of our customers and partners good health and to remain safe, as we move through these challenging times.

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