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GBM Services Framework for Your Success

Customer Success Services Framework

At the core of the GBM Services Strategy is Your Success, our enduring GBM focus on the critically that everything we do is to help you to achieve your business objectives and organizations critical success factors (CSF). To deliver on this strategy, GBM has developed six core service practices that map to the solution lifecycle and cover Consultancy, Professional Services, Adoption, Operate, Maintenance and Optimization Services.

Figure 1: GBM Services Framework

Let us help you maximize your business outcome with these simple services practices


GBM has a dedicated team of Subject Matter Experts to support our Trusted Advisories to assists customers to address their business challenges by providing and demonstrating industry leading solution of their business with insightful solutions.

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GBM has a large team of high certified system engineers with more than 60% of this workforce holding the highest engineering qualification in their field of expertise.

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Though a solutions can be successfully implemented and tested, there is no guarantee that the solution will be fully utilized, reducing the customers ROI.

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A common barrier to technology adoption is complexity. GBM Operate Services provide the customers with solutions that overcome the challenges posed by operating complex solutions by delivering the following value rich services to the customer.

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The support of customer solutions is paramount.  Every minute of system outage costs their organization in direct financial loss, financial loss due to regulatory fines or to the organizations reputation.

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As solutions mature, problems and opportunity arise organically. GBM’s Optimization Services are a range of advanced services that target solutions risks and opportunities:

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The GBM Services Framework is designed to cover all aspects of your Journey with GBM and has been articulated and developed into the Customer Organizational Growth (COG) lifecycle Journey which maps the major touch points between yourselves and GBM.  By taking this approach, the GBM Customer Success strategy provides enhanced synergies between GBM and yourselves.

Figure 2: Customer Organization Growth (COG) Lifecycle Journey

The COG framework interlocks the Business Engagement, the traditional sale motion with the Customer Engagement throughout the lifecycle of the solution, the delivery motion:

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